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1. redound

Inglés palabraprzynieść"(redound) ocurre en conjuntos:

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2. bring

Bring it here.
I'm still waiting for my breakfast. Bring it to me now, please.
He promised to bring new industries to the region, but politicians rarely keep their word.
Make ten copies of that document and bring it to conference room number 1.
A horseshoe and a four-leaf clover bring good luck.
They believed the jewel would bring disaster.
She would often bring home table scraps from the restaurant where she worked to feed to her dog.
Scientists say many factors bring about changes in weather.
Some people bring joy wherever they go, and some people bring joy whenever they go.
If you have a certificate of immunization, please bring it when you come.
The Ugandans depend on their coffee crop to bring money into the country.
Poverty does more to bring out the worst in people and conceal the best than anything else in the world.
Sentence Number 888,888 will bring its owner years upon years of luck.
Kids these days have no imagination whatsoever. Only a nationwide revolution and sweeping economic reform will bring the hoop and stick back into vogue.
You must bring the person who is immediately concerned with the accident.

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3. fetch

Please fetch me a piece of paper.
Throw a stick and watch the dog fetch it.
fetch a ladder
Fetch it and put it on the fire.
As a young boy on winter mornings, he would have to go out to a frozen lake in minus thirty degree celsius weather and make a hole in the ice to fetch water for the family.
The dog fetched a ball.
Then he called the hospital and told them to come and fetch his boy.
play fetch with my dog!
I'm telling you, his old car won't fetch a red cent.
Hunting dogs are trained to fetch. The house fetched more than we expected.
Konokko, fetch him.
A dog likes to fetch a stick its owner.
A dog fetches a ball. An example of to fetch is a dog going after a ball to bring it back to the person who threw it.
She’s been ​teaching the ​dog to fetch. The ​collection of ​paintings fetched over a million ​dollars.
I left my keys on the table; could you fetch them for me?

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4. bring brought brought

Inglés palabraprzynieść"(bring brought brought) ocurre en conjuntos:

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irregular verbs czasowniki nieregularne
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5. bring on

I hate cats. They bring on my terrible allergies.
Right, bring on the Rover!

Inglés palabraprzynieść"(bring on) ocurre en conjuntos:

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6. bring brought

Inglés palabraprzynieść"(bring brought) ocurre en conjuntos:

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rodzaje sklepów

7. to yield

to yield a huge dividend
to yield better results

Inglés palabraprzynieść"(to yield) ocurre en conjuntos:

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8. bring along

Inglés palabraprzynieść"(bring along) ocurre en conjuntos:


9. bring up

When Don’s wife died he was left to bring up their four children by himself.
“To bring up a child in the way he should go, travel that way yourself once in a while.”
I have one small thing to bring up.
Don't bring up her past. She doesn't like talking about it.
Parents should better bring up their children.
If Paul comes in, don't bring up the party. It's going to be a surprise.
We bring up twins.
I'll tell Adam to bring up some more champagne.
Remember, don’t bring up Mary’s breakup when you talk to her.
In conclusion, I would like to bring up one technical issue.
I feel I ought to bring up another small matter.
She was ​crying so much I ​thought she'd ​bring up her ​breakfast.
I would like to bring up the two most critical points one more time.
After their mother died, the children were bring up by their aunt.
Don't bring up money, religion or politics at dinner

Inglés palabraprzynieść"(bring up) ocurre en conjuntos:

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10. bring about

Your weakness would bring about her death.
Now we can just wait what these changes will bring about.
It can bring about serious consequences.
Between 2010 and 2013, Hussein writes that al-Qaida will aim to bring about the collapse of the hated Arabic governments.
What you did can bring about serious consequences
Harold’s working to bring about changes in the industry.
bring about change
bring about changesin the industry
bring about changes in the industry

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11. to bring round

12. fetch in

Inglés palabraprzynieść"(fetch in) ocurre en conjuntos:

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13. to bring forward

Inglés palabraprzynieść"(to bring forward) ocurre en conjuntos:

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