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1. adjective

What’s the order of adjectives?
He used many adjectives to describe her
Hideous" is an extreme adjective meaning "very ugly
Choose from the adjectives.
"Small" is an adjective.
/'æʤıktıv/ \"Happy\" is an adjective
In English there are eight main parts of speech: noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, preposition, conjunction and finally interjection.
'-osity' is an abstract noun word ending created from the ending of an '-ous' adjective.
Things that modify nouns (adjective, or adjectival equivalent).
There are two ways of using the infinitive as an adjective, 1. attributive, 2. predicative. Naturally 2. is a subject complement.
In Esperanto an adjective ends in "a." The plural is formed by adding "j."

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