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1. patient patient

I'm patient.
The strike had not been peaceful, however, and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. begged both sides to be patient and calm.
Any problem can be solved if you are persistent and patient.
He fainted from the heat, but his wife's patient nursing brought him to.
Foreign accent syndrome is an as-yet unexplained medical condition where the patient can no longer pronounce his mother tongue correctly and seems to have a foreign accent.
In the case of patient death during the course of medical treatment, even if there is medical error present, it is not automatically legally considered to be an "unusual death."
Lying is forgivable when it is done by a doctor trying to give heart to a terminally ill patient.
While a brain operation is being performed, both doctors and nurses must handle the patient with kid gloves and yet with all speed practical.
In such cases, adults should not scold them instantly, but be patient with them, considering their mental growth.
Dr. Thatcher diagnosed her patient with generalized anxiety disorder because his symptoms didn't point to other diagnoses.
The hospital patient dropped off shortly after the doctor injected him with anesthesia.
Before embarking on this type of therapy, the wishes of the patient herself must be carefully taken into consideration.
1. Come on. I'm not a patient man. / 2. You have been a very patient man, and I appreciate it. / 3. Be calm and patient, specially in family matters.
Taking care of the excretory needs of a patient you've just met is a very demanding job.
If everyone could pay close attention, please. I will now auscultate the patient. Make sure to note the proper procedure because you all will be practicing this tomorrow.

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2. patient with patient with

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3. patience patience

Children sometimes lack patience.
Everywhere he went, he taught love, patience, and most of all, non-violence.
A man without patience is like a lamp without oil.
You should not lose your patience when dealing with kids.
Have patience for another day or two.
It teaches patience.
Fred has very little patience, and it doesn't take much to make him fly off the handle.
Patience and hard work will conquer all.
Because a man whose manners are as bad as yours must try everyone's patience.
I have no patience with those who say that sexual excitement is shameful and that venereal stimuli have their origin not in nature, but in sin. Nothing is so far from the truth.
His patience was worn out by all these troubles and anxieties.
Our patience is in much the same condition as yesterday.
My 3 year old is really trying my patience!
Most people wouldn’t have the patience for such painstaking work.
You're really starting to try my patience Jimmy!

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