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1. brave brave

Who can read the heroic deeds of brave men without a feeling of respect and admiration?
Brave people feel fear, but that doesn't stop them.
The people standing around were amused and laughed at the brave little dog.
Model braves EIGHT TORNADOES in one day to ensure she gets the perfect storm photo
You're brave.
We are better off for the service rendered by this brave and selfless leader.
He put up a brave and lone struggle, but up against such heavy odds he couldn't get his business plan accepted.
Even as we stand here tonight, we know there are brave Americans waking up in the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan, to risk their lives for us.
Our country will win, for our army is big and brave.
Some brave passengers caught the pickpocket and turned him over to the police.
Last week I met a very brave and handsome man with his wife.
Around 120,000 volunteers braved the cold and took to the streets to raise money for the charity
The brave sentry thinks it's funny that most Spanish 3rd-person-sentences have six possible ways of being translated to German.
There are many people like this in the world. Normally, they're not brave. After getting drunk, they turn brave.

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2. courageous courageous

You were so courageous when that bear ran at you in the woods. You didn't even seem scared.
All his followers looked up to him as a wise and courageous man.
It was a courageous decision to quit her job and start her own business.
It is courageous of him to oppose his boss.
Italy needed a courageous leader such as Julius Ceasar.
A courageous decision
I felt profound reverence for the courageous mother.
Tales of her courageous deeds rang through the country.
A courageous firefighter helped rescue 15 people trapped in a burning building.
he was wrong, and courageous enough to admit it
It was courageous of her to challenge the managing director's decision.
A message on a website for the force's retired officers said they had served dedicated and courageous careers.
His courageous act of saving the baby from the fire was rewarded with a medal.
The definition of courageous is showing courage and being brave. An example of courageous is a soldier who saves another soldier in the face of danger.
Well, he was bold and courageous in his attempts to catch potential employers' attention.

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3. mettlesome mettlesome

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4. bold

Being bold doesn't always pay off.
When the time is ripe, be bold and go for it! I'll stand by you.
She always had a soft spot for bold and open-minded men.
bold adverbs
This morning at the station, her attention was caught by a poster with bold letters.
The talented young chess player is very bold. He deliberately lays himself open to attack, makes himself vulnerable and then checkmates his opponent when least expected.
The bold man glanced at the gangster with hatred and contempt.
Her bold plan seemed to be too difficult, but before long it proved to be practicable.
But it is specially evil that the young maiden folk are exceedingly bold of speech and bearing, and curse like troopers, to say nothing of their shameful words and scandalous coarse sayings, which one always hears and learns from another.
A knife perhaps, a good sharp one, and a bold man to wield it.
As if to emphasise the point, the report prints the comment in bold type.
Well, he was bold and courageous in his attempts to catch potential employers' attention.
A person who is not afraid to speak up for what he believes, even to people with more power than him, is an example of someone who is bold.
and then it was the pirates who became too bold
In a bold step the management decided to downisize the staff.

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5. adventurous

My mum is really adventurous and is always going on holiday to strange places.
Peter's adventurous personality often confused me.
adventurous holidays
She's brave and also adventurous and wants to travel everywhere.
In private, Kobayashi-san told me he liked his women "adventurous." What he calls an adventure I hope to never know.
Kamil is very adventurous.
The Kenyan coast is a perfect destination for adventurous holidaymakers.
What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?
"As I said, they were adventurous people."
More adventurous tourists will probably enjoy a trip to the mountains.
an adventurous expedition up the Amazon
I'm trying to be more adventurous with my cooking.
Going bungee jumping again? You are adventurous!
I’m not adventurous enough to try speed-dating!
An adventurous sort, Lester downed the whole bottle of habu sake in one show-stopping chug. Only the snake was left, securing Lester as an Okinawan national treasure.

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6. daring

The gallery was known for putting on daring exhibitions.
daring step
This boy is very daring, he accostes every girl who comes across.
Two rescuers died in a daring attempt to save the drowning people during the flood.
Complete the questionnaire to find out how daring you are.
The same energy of character which renders a man a daring villain would have rendered him useful to society, had that society been well organized.
I can hardly hold my own against his daring.
Flight across the continent was still a daring venture.
It was a daring adventure, full of thrill and excitement.
He returned the next morning and sat on a bench all day, pretending to read a book, not daring to go
As I have said, this is an ambitious and daring strategy.
a daring strapless dress in black silk
I felt daring yesterday so I asked my boss for an extra week’s holiday!
She was wearing a fairly daring (= short) skirt that barely covered her bottom.
It was one of the most daring things she'd ever done.

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7. gutsy

This guy is really gutsy.
... as you all know, gutsy politicians are painfully rare.

8. unafraid

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9. spunky

"the champion is faced with a spunky challenger"
He's a spunky guy and that's why he's the man for the job.

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10. careful

Be careful!
If you aren't careful about what you eat, you'll put back on all the weight that you spent so much time losing.
He was careful enough to make his daughter promise not to go out after dark.
Careful! Watch out!
A lot of people who have up until now been spending money having a good time now need to be more careful with their money.
That proposal may be a way to kill two birds with one stone, but we also have to be careful not to get greedy and spoil everything.
I was allowed to go off by myself provided that I promised to be careful.
A successful business is built on careful financial management.
Don't lump all these issues together. You need to give every single one careful consideration.
It is acceptable to mention your job and interests and to ask the other person about his, but be careful not to let the conversation become too personal.
When I'm home and I'm going to the corner drugstore to pick up some shampoo, why do you always tell me to be careful how I cross the street?
These are the important items to which careful attention is to be paid.
I'm careful when I zip up my jeans, not to pinch myself.
First, they should have right ideas of things, ideas that are based on careful observation, and understand causes of effects and their significance correctly.
I wouldn't push him too far. You don't know what he might do. I'd say you can't be too careful. They say even a doomed mouse will bite a cat if he has no choice.

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