Days of the week in Russian

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days of the week
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дни недели (м. р. мн. ч.)
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понедельник (м. р.)
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вторник (м. р.)
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среда (ж. р.)
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четверг (м. р.)
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пятница (ж. р.)
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суббота (ж. р.)
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воскресенье (ср. р.)

Study Days of the week in Russian

Have you ever thought about speaking Russian? So this is your chance! Start with Days of the week and take a look at this awesome language! Likely you do not even know the correct spelling of Days of the week in Russian, hm? You needn't worry! The answer is just in this lesson: thanks to our flashcards, you will also have the opportunity to learn or just improve your pronunciation, thanks to our recordings! Do you still believe you will not ever need this? How can you be so sure? This is the awesome part about learning a language! The secret is all about repetition: through our method, you will have the opportunity to repeat what you learned in order to memorise it! Stop wasting your time on useless social networks! Start right now withDays of the week in Russian!

Motivation to study Russian

It is proven that learning a foreign language makes you smarter! Apparently, it activates areas responsible for memory in your brain! What's more speaking Russian language will allow you to travel more freely, get to know new people and have a new entry in your CV! If that's not enough for you, think about it as a challenge or Learning a new language is not so common. You could reach a noticeable result "almost" alone!

How to learn Russian quickly

Our flashcards make everything easy: you see a picture of the word, together with a Russian translation, and remember it! Then, you hear the Russian pronunciation of the word and voilà your Russian vocabulary starts expanding. Just 5 minutes a day is enough to remember Days of the week in Russian for good!

Learn Russian fast and efficiently!

If you feel awkward while speaking Russian, make sure to take a look at our lessons and gain the confidence by studying Russian language on a daily basis!

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Why don't you take a look at our Russian language courses and don't forget to check our other flashcards on Russian language.

Why don't you give us a chance and start with our lesson on Days of the week in Russian! You are going to love it!

Learn 5 minutes daily and remember even 90% of the studied vocabulary.

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