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término definición
włamać się
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break into sth
Someone broke into our neighbours' car last night.
wpaść na kogoś, spotkać przypadkiem
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bump into sb
I bumped into my old school friend in the shopping mall last week.
prosić o coś, domagać się
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call for sth
Some environmental groups call for a ban genetically-modified products.
natknąć się na
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come across sb / sth
I came across an old comic book while I was cleaning the attic.
dostać w spadku
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come into sth
I came into some money when my grandfather died.
zajmować się
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deal with sth
You must deal with your problems on your own.
obywać się bez czegoś
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do without sth
We couldn't do without the car.
zakochać się w kimś
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fall for sb
Jane has fallen for Michael. She cannot stop thinking about him.
dowiadywać się czegoś
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find out something/find out about something
I haven't found out anything new about the accident yet.
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hold up sth
He held up a Royal Mail train.
żyć z czegoś
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live off sth
I live off the interest on my savings.
opiekować się
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look after sb / sth
We look after Rodney's kids after school.
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look for sb/sth
I'm looking for my car keys.
badać coś
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look into something
The police are looking Into the bank robbery.
czepiać się
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pick on somebody
I don't know why my Geography teacher always picks on me.
spotkać przypadkiem
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run into somebody
George ran into his ex-girlfriend last night.
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see to something
You can go now. I will see to the rest of preparations.
być podobnym do
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take after sb
Jenny takes after her dad.
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take to sb/sth
Alex took to Alice straightaway and they are still friends now.
uciec (z więzienia)
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break out of something
He broke out of prison last night.
nadrabiać zaległości w
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catch up on sth
What do you think is an effective method of catching up on school work after you've been ill?
zachorować na
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come down with sth
Ron's come down with flu.
spotkać się z (np. z krytyką)
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come in for something
The government came in for a lot of criticism.
wymyślić, znaleźć
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come up with something
They still haven't come up with a name for the baby.
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cut down on something
Cut down on fatty food if you want to lose weight.
rzucić (np. szkołę)
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drop out of something
Do you know anyone who has dropped out of school?
mieć zaległości w
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fall behind with sth
Do you feel stressed when you fall behind with school work?
pokłócić się z kimś
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fall out with somebody
I hate falling out with my husband.
dogadywać się, mieć dobre stosunki
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get along/on with sb
Ralph gets along/on with all his call colleagues.
uchodzić na sucho
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get away with something
Matt broke a window in his classroom, but he somehow got away with it.
zabrać się do
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get down to something
We should definitely get down to work.
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get on with sth
Stop talking and get on with your work.
zabierać się do
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get round to sth
I've been meaning to clear up that mess all day but I haven't got round to it yet.
trzymać się z daleka od
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keep away from sb/sth
Try to keep away from the city center it's really crowded.
dotrzymywać kroku
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keep up with sb/sth
Mark couldn't keep up with the rest of the players.
wracać pamięcią do
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look back on something
She sometimes looks big when their relationships she's had.
patrzeć na kogoś z góry
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Look down on sb
Juliet looks down on people who don't have university education.
oczekiwać z niecierpliwością
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look forward to something
I'm really looking forward to going to Japan.
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look up to somebody
Kate has always looked up to her mother.
kompensować, wynagradzać
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make up for something
His sense of humor makes up for his stubbornness
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put up with sb/sth
I can't put up with that noise anymore.
zużyć, wyczerpać
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run out of something
We've run out of sugar!
ujmować się za
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stand up for something
Why didn't you stand up for me?
psuć się/załamywać się
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break down
wziąć udział w
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go in for
odkładać coś na później
empezar lección
put off
zastąpić kogoś
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Stand in for
zacząć coś robić
empezar lección
take up

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