Ukrainian: day 2
Englishукраїнська мова

Ukrainian: day 2
Learn Ukrainian with VocApp!

There is only one past tense in Ukrainian! Master it in no time!
Learn how to say “What time is it?” in Ukrainian in case you forget what’s the time difference!
You are going to learn the most useful phrases in some communicative situations!
Learn the language of Mila Kunis and Wladimir Klitschko!
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Useful nouns - РечіUseful nouns - Речі  
36 tarjetas
And, or, but, so - І/та, або, отож...And, or, but, so - І/та, або, отож...  
20 tarjetas
Space - ПростірSpace - Простір  
31 tarjetas
Activities - ДіїActivities - Дії  
29 tarjetas
Features - ВластивостіFeatures - Властивості  
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Time - ЧасTime - Час  
26 tarjetas
Numbers - ЧислаNumbers - Числа  
51 tarjetas
A typical conversation from a student's book;) - Типова розмова з підручника:)A typical conversation from a student's book;) - Типова розмова з підр...  
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Learning new things - Вивчення новогоLearning new things - Вивчення нового  
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Extremely simplified grammarExtremely simplified grammar  
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