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Do you want to create your own flashcards on your phone / tablet?
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Press the symbol '+' button to create a new lesson. Choose the lesson and the language in which you want to create flashcards.
Public lessons will be visible to other users. The private ones - only for you.

Do you want to type in your words now?
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Press the ' Create typing' and type or dictate questions.

Do I have to type everything by myself?
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Use our tips - just enter your question flashcards!
Press the bulb in the response, and we will recommend you the translation in the selected language. Click the box below and suggestions to fit your image (click again to see another suggestion).

How to quickly create a whole list of flashcards?
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Press the ' Create voice' and dictate a list of words - we will prepare flashcards with them!
Note: If you make a long pause during the speech recognition process, you finish your dictation. Unfinished lessons can be always finished later.

Can I change the order of the flashcards in a lesson?
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You can change the position of a flashcard within a lesson freely i.e. move it up or down. When you see the list of words, grab the arrow on the right side of your flashcard and insert it anywhere you want.
You can change your flashcards, add new ones or remove the ones you do not want to learn anymore.

Where are my lessons?
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Go to the course ' flashcards Created by me. "
You can change the selected lesson, learn from it, or delete it. You can also modify all of your flashcards in rate mode.

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