Comp review 3

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what types of injuries, processes or diseases are SPECT scan's used to study
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SPECT can be used to study Bloodflow, stress fractures, infections and tumors

what does an early medical expert system known as MYCIN help to do
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it aids in the diagnosis and treatment of bacterial infections

what are the basic functions of PACS with respect to medical images
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electronic and ideally film less information system for acquiring, sorting, transporting, storing and electronically displaying medical images

what is a difference between MedLine and MedLine Plus
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midline is used mostly by doctors and some patients MEDLINEplus is a database maintained for consumers

what advantages do gamma knives provide
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Stereotatic radiosurgery. Can care brain tumors in one day session

how many Americans did not have dental insurance in 2000
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about one third of the population

which imaging technique combines many images into a two or three dimensional slice.
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The CT scan

what are a few significant ways the computer technology is being put to use in dentistry
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help reduce medical errors, to train Dentist, to facilitate communication between Dentist, Chipp perform administrative clerical and managerial functions

what is Zeus
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A robotic surgical system that will make minimally invasive microsurgery possible. Zeus has three interactive robotic arms one of which holds The endoscope, while the other to manipulate the surgical instruments

what is HERMES
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An FDA cleared operating system that performs these tasks allowing the surgeon to use his or her voice to control all the electronic equipment in the operating room, coordinating The Indo scope and robotic devices

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