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compared with other countries where does the world health organization rink Americas health spending, as well as the US Health system in general
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The US is first in spending

human patient simulators are programmable mannikins on which students can practice medical procedures

what are some of the issues and practices that fall under the category of public health
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The use of computer modeling and simulation, or what if scenarios, of disease outbreak

what is a main benefit/purpose of CFES
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computerized functional electrical stimulation is a technology that involves delivering low level electrical simulation to muscles. Now being used to strengthen muscles paralyzed by spinal cord injury or stroke

what is a main benefit/purpose of HRT
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Heidelberg Retinal Tomograph uses lasers to Scan the retina, resulting in a three dimensional description. This technique can detect glaucoma before any vision loss

what is a main benefit/purpose of Environmental control systems
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Enviromental control systems help physically challenged people control their envoriments

what are some of the major benefits of minimally invasive surgery
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less bleeding and pain, shorter recovery time. this means a shorter hospital stay and lower cost

what are automated dispensing cabinets.
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computers attached two cabinets, nurses enter password and opens and removes meds

what did the American public health Association attempt to teach the public and what did this group believe
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they attempted to teach the public to be careful when coughing or sneezing and and to wash their hands often. They believe that contamination of the hands by septum and the sharing of dishes and utensils spread the disease

what is ILIADS
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what is provide hypothetical cases for the student to evaluate. Simulations

what is the difference between an epidemic and pandemic
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epidemic is an excess in the number of cases of a given health problem. Pandemic is a global disease outbreak to which everyone is susceptible

during clinical trials, what percentage of participants typically do not receive the active drug being tested.
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50% about half

what dental problem is found by DIFOTI and where can it be detected
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DIFOTI Can find cavities developing behind metal fillings that x-rays would not diagnose

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