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what type of data does Syndromic surveillance use and what does a signal a probability of.
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uses health related data that proceeds diagnosis and signal a sufficient probability of a case or an outbreak

what is the goal of HGP
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is in attempt to understand the molecular basis of genetic diseases

name the group that requires countries to identify and respond to public health emergencies
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Name some of the concerns that doctors have regarding email communications with patients
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Time, Liabilty and Privacy

name a couple advantages of x-rays versus traditional x-rays.
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Digital x-rays do not have to be developed but are immediately available and can be viewed directly on a computer screen, making them accessible to more than one person. Digital gives off less radiation

what does TelePharmacy use to allow patients to get prescriptions outside of a pharmacy
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using a computer, network connection and a drug dispensing unit

how effective are clinical exams and x-rays at early detection of cavities
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x-rays are more effective then clinical examination. X-rays can be used because as the material content of the tooth decreases, the x-rays show of the cavity as darker

what are a couple of reasons why the more expensive diagnostic imaging technologies are preferable to ultrasound and x-rays
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providing a clearer and more detailed and more accurate picture of the inside of the body, sophisticated diagnostic imaging is reducing the need for exploratory surgery, reducing cost and hospital stays, along with pain

what is radiosurgery
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Radio surgery is a technique that uses radio waves to produce a pressureless, bloodless incision instead of knives

which method provides images of soft tissue and is more accurate than others for cancer detection
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what role does expert systems play in dentistry
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not meant to be a replacement for the judgment of the dentist but instead as an aid in diagnosis

what type of images to PET scan's produce
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produce images of how the Bodyworks, not just how it looks. (Alzhimers)

what is CINAHL
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commutative index to nursing and allied health literature is a group of four database is specifically geared to the needs of the nurses and other professionals and 17 allied health fields

what is DTI
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(Diffusion Tensor Imaging) an imaging technique that shows part of the brain and helps avoid damage during surgery

define periodontics
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concerned with diagnosing and treating diseases of the gums and other structures supporting the teeth

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