Communication: Decisions and intentions

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What are you going to do? Have you decided/Have you made up your mind where you'd like to go this evening?
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Asking someone to decide
Yes, I'll buy it. I think I'll go home now.
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Making a decision
I've changed my mind. I want this one instead.
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Changing a decision
I'm going to visit the USA next year. I've decided to go there/I've decided on the USA. I intend to see as much as I can. I may go/I might go/I'm thinking of going to Los Angeles (less sure)
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Are you willing to/prepared to work on Sundays? Would be you willing to/prepared to organize the competition? Do you mind/Would you mind sleeping on the sofa?
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Asking if someone is willing
I'm perfectly willing to help. I'd be prepared to wait a day or two. I don't mind/I wouldn't mind walking.
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Saying you are willing
I'm not prepared to go to so much trouble. I wouldn't be willing to do anything dangerous.
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Saying you are unwilling
I won't put up with rudeness. I'm not going to pay £1 to go in. I refuse to wait any longer. I'm afraid it's quite out of the question. (formal) No way! (informal)
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You'll/You will/You shall get your money back. I'll/I will/I shall give it you back by the weekend. I promise I'll do it/I promise to do it tomorrow. I won't be long, I promise.
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