Clothes in Portuguese

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término definición
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roupa (f.)
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camisa (f.)
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t-shirt (f.)
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camisola (f.)
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calças de ganga (
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calças (
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saia (f.)
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vestido (m.)
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luvas (
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sapatos (
high heels
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salto alto (m.)
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roupa interior (f.)
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meias (
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cachecol (m.)
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casaco (m.)
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casaco (m.)
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cinto (m.)

Study Clothes in Portuguese

If you thought about studying Portuguese, This lesson will teach you basics of Portuguese. Clothes in Portuguese are easy to learn and extremely useful no matter what is our motivation to study Portuguese. Besides, not only will you get to know some vocabulary in Portuguese but will also have an opportunity to practice your Portuguese pronunciation, thanks to our audio recordings of Portuguese vocabulary. Each term in our Clothes in Portuguese lesson has an image that makes the remembering process quick.

Why should I learn Portuguese?

There are many reasons to study Portuguese! First, Portuguese is a engaging language. Learning Portuguese will broaden your social circle and simply make you smarter! If the reasons above are not enough for you to start learning Portuguese, think of it as a challenge. Whenever you study a foreign language, you train the area in your brain responsible for remembering.

How to learn Portuguese efficiently

The key to success is to revise vocabulary often but not too often. Our language learning application will take care of it by scheduling repetitions of the words in Portuguese you did not know, making you remember more in less time!

Learn Portuguese fast and efficiently!

Save time thanks to the VocApp Spaced Repetition System! It will expand your active vocabulary in the most time-saving way! You can also polish your pronunciation in Portuguese with our audio recordings!

Flashcards on Portuguese that might interest you!

Have you already taken a look at our Portuguese language courses? If you liked this lesson, you might want to try our professional flashcards sets designed by linguists! If you liked our lesson Clothes in Portuguese, we are sure you can benefit from the other ones. Don't forget to check our other lessons on Portuguese language.

Flashcards will make you quickly build up your vocabulary and Portuguese skills.

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