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亡: stands for 逃亡, "to flee"/羊: "sheep"/ 补: "to mend", "to repair"/ 牢: "stable"
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it is never too late to try
It literally means "to mend the sheepfold after losing a sheep" and it tells us that it’s never too late to correct the mistakes after you know it.
爱: "to love"/ 屋: "house"/ 及: "as well as"/ 乌: "bird"
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love me, love my dog
It lit. means "if you love someone you should even love the crows on his/ her roof". It express the idea of loving someone and everything that is connected to this person.
盲人: "blind person"/ 摸: "to touch"/象: stands for 大象, "elephant"
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to draw conclusions with incomplete data; making a conclusion without knowing the whole situation
It lit. means "blind person touching an elephant" It refers to a story of four blind men trying to figure out what an elephant looked like. Each of them touched only a part and reached a different conclusion.
马: "horse"/ 不: "not"/ 停: "to stop"/ 蹄: "to trotter"
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no stop
It lit. means "the horse does not stop trotting", but it means "No stopping to rest", never ever have break or stop.
孟: stands for 孟子(Mencius)/ 母: short for 母亲, "Mother"/ 三. "three" (times)/ 迁: "to move"
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your environment has a big effect on your development
It lit. means "Mencius' Mom Moved House Three Times". It shows the hardship of Mother's love to let her kids have the best environment to grow in; it can also indicate that the environment around you is very important.
不: "not"/ 谋: "to consult"/ 而: "yet", "however"/ 合: from 符合, "to agree"
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to agree without any prior consultation
It lit. means "to not consult but agree", and it indicates the act of agreeing with someone without any prior consultancy.
囊: stands for 口袋, "pocket"/ 中: "in", "in the middle of"/ 羞涩: "embarrassing"
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to be short of money
It lit. means "the pocket is embarrassing". It indicates a moment when you are embarrassingly in a bad economic situation.
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