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rearing children
Some women make a deliberate choice to rear a child alone.
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wychowywanie dzieci
hold sb accountable for sth
Mr White held his wife accountable for the death of their child.
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uważać kogoś za odpowiedzialnego za coś
I was astounded by the beautiness of this village.
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to be caught unawares
Oh man, I was totally caught unawares when your mother showed up here this morning.
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być zaskoczonym
go over old ground
We are not moving on in the discussion, we are still going over old ground.
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powtarzać tę samą czynność
cotton on
It took me a few moments to cotton on, but I soon realised they were talking about me.
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orientować się co się dzieje
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to remain intact
The application of this rule must remain intact.
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pozostać nienaruszonym
permanent feature
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stała cecha, część
offer an opportunity
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zaoferować możliwość
give sth a test run
A better idea is to give those machines you are interested in a test run.
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wytestować, wypróbować jakąś maszynę, urządzenie
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call it a day
When we still couldn't find the source of the discrepancy, we decided to call it a day and revisit it tomorrow.
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zakończyć pracę
pick up on something
I want to pick up on a point that Susan made about role models./ Can I just pick up on your first point again, please?
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zwracać na coś szczególną uwagę/ zacząć mówić o czymś wcześniej poruszonym
pick up on sth
He obviously didn't pick up on her lack of interest in the subject.
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zrozumieć coś niewyrażonego bezpośrednio
speeding driver
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kierowca przekraczający prędkość
to con
She felt that she had been conned into buying the car.
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oszukiwać, naciągać
She was sentenced to five years' imprisonment for manslaughter.
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nieumyślne spowodowanie śmierci
drug pushing
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nielegalny handel narkotykami
drug pusher / pusher
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diler narkotykowy
push drugs
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handlować narkotykami
put sth on fire/set fire on sth
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podpalić coś
The man appeared in court and was convicted of arson after the forest fire.
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Mężczyzna pojawił się w sądzie po pożarze lasu i został uznany za winnego podpalenia.
New measures are needed to prevent fraudsters opening bank accounts with stolen cheques.
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She embezzled thousands of dollars from the charity.
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defraudacja, sprzeniewierzenie
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malwersant, defraudator
drink and drive/ drive under influence
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pić i jeździć / prowadzić pod wpływem alkoholu
pick someone's pocket
One of the kids tried to pick my pocket.
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okradać kogoś, być kieszonkowcem
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She was sentenced for two years in jail for committing perjury.
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perjure yourself
The judge warned the witness not to perjure herself.
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popełniać krzywoprzysięstwo
He trains actors, stuntmen for their demanding roles.
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As a former physical training instructor, he is used to work with less than sharp trainees.
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The police officer said that he had placed the man under arrest and that a scuffle had ensued.
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I am not an athletic person, I can't reach past my knees when I want to touch my toes.
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to rupture
This activity seems to be rupturing my kidneys.
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pęknięcie, łamać
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He was feeble, helpless old man.
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słaby / marny
Loose electric wires were dangling from the wall.
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suspend from
The performers were suspended from the ceiling during their play.
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zwisać z
gravity boots
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buty antygrawitacyjne
It is a typical action movie with a lot of spectacular stunts.
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figura akrobatyczna
I reckon it is going to rain.
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uważać, sądzić
The book show several ancients recumbent on sofas.
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recumbent cycle
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rower poziomy, gdzie rowerzysta leży
The kids hid their teacher's bike for a lark.
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figiel, czynność przynosząca radość
As you turn the corner, the road dips suddenly.
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bench press
His exercise routine consisted of bench presses.
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wyciskanie sztangi
I used to do some curls to strengthen my bicepses.
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podnoszenie ciężarów tylko za pomocą rąk
chinning bar
Then I use the chinning bar to have stronger arms and back.
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drążek do podciągania
I think I pulled a muscle in my thigh when I was doing squats.
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Chyba naciągnąłem mięsień w udzie, gdy robiłem przysiady.
for good measure
The concert was excellent - there were lots of well -known songs with some new ones thrown in for good measure.
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na dokładkę
The trains will follow the Northern line, circuting the capital.
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I can slap the ground when I land to earth my kinetic energy.
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pacnąć, klapsnąć, plasnąć
trip (sb) up
I am terribly sorry. I didn't want to trip you up.
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potknąć (kogoś)
crash mat
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mata kaskaderska
The accident victims mostly had injuries to their lower limbs.
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be better off
Obviously we are better off now that we are both working.
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być lepiej sytuowanym
be aggressive with someone
Have you ever had a teacher or boss who was aggressive with you?
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być agresywnym w stosunku do kogoś
threatening towards someone
Have you ever had a teacher or boss who was threating towards you?
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agresywny, grożący w stosunku do kogoś
be hostile towards
Have you ever been hostile towards somebody you met?
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być wrogim wobec
be deliberately unfriendly towards
Have you ever been deliberately unfriendly towards somebody you met?
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być specjalnie nieprzyjacielskim w stosunku do
feel scornful about
Is there a politician whose ideas or opinions you feel scornful about?
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czują pogardę wobec
get distressed by
Are there any national issues you get distressed by?
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być zmartwionym, złym z powodu czegoś
upset by/about
Are there any national issues you get upset by/about?
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zdenerwowany, zmartwiony przez
be indifferent to
Are there any world issues you are indifferent to?
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jest obojętny
disaffected by
fed up with
Young people are disaffected by our social rules.
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mieć dość czegoś
keep myself to myself = be introverted
I prefer to keep myself to myself, rather than tell people everything.
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być zamknięta w sobie
rub sb up the wrong way
I sometimes rub people up the wrong way because I have a slightly aggressive tone at times.
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nadepnąć komuś na odcisk
do sth on a whim
I frequently do things on a whim, which is complete opposite of my parents, who plan everything.
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robić coś spontanicznie
become close to someone
We became close to each other when we were teens.
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zbliżyć się do kogoś
be good fun
I like his jokes, he is really good fun.
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dobrze się z kimś spędza czas
set my heart on
I set my heart on the art school.
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bardzo komuś na czymś zależy
run in the family
Being stingy runs in the family.
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być cechą rodzinną
Skąpstwo jest naszą cechą rodzinną.
high expectations
He supported me, but he also had very high expectations for me.
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wysokie oczekiwania
stand a chance of sth
Do you think your chances stand of being offered the job?
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dostać szansę, mieć szansę
resort to sth
There is hope the countries will reach a settlement without resorting to armed conflict.
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uciec się do czegoś
divergent = different from each other
divergent opinions
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They can't publish your name without your consent.
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zgoda, zgadzać się
widely accepted
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powszechnie akceptowane
I never felt my life was in peril.
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The docks were crammed with people trying to board their boats.
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rough and ready
rough and ready accomodation
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skive off/ play truant
Tom and Mike have skived (off) school today to watch the match.
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chop and change
After six months of chopping and changing, we have decided to go back to our old system.
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ciągle zmieniać
spare change
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przechodzenie przez jezdnię w nieoznakowanym miejscu
fare dodging
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unikanie płacenia za bilet, np w autobusie
This bar used to be one of your old haunts, didn't it, Jake?
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często odwiedzane miejsce
These people are seeking refuge from persecution.
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ski resort
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ośrodek narciarski
We really should meet sometime soon to discuss the details.
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kiedyś, w bliżej nieokreślonym czasie w przeszłości / przyszłości
Try not to be distracted by incidental details.
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pojawiający się przypadkowo jako produkt uboczny/ coś mniej ważnego od sedna
A huge throng has gathered around the speaker.
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a swarm of bees/ a swarm of photographers
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rój (przemieszczający się wspólnie)
There are big dunes on the beach.
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Na plaży są duże wydmy.
a mound of stones/earth
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The snow lay in deep drifts.
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stos śniegu, uformowany przez wiatr
What would you miss the most if you found yourself marooned on a desert island?
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pozostawiony w miejscu, skąd nie da się uciec (szczególnie na wyspie)
He left me stranded in town with no car and no money for a bus.
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pozostawiony w miejscu skąd nie można uciec (szczególnie z powodu braku transportu, pieniędzy)
The oil tanker went aground on a mud bank in thick fog.
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na mieliźnie
deserted building/ wife
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opuszczony /pozostawiony sam w trudnej sytuacji
Ann dismounted and picked up her riding hat.
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zsiąść z konia, roweru
He reversed into a lamppost and damaged the back of the car.
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cofać się autem
Passengers who wish to alight at Hove should travel in the front coach.
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The captain didn't want to endanger the crew of the ship.
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The new airbus will hold about 700 passengers.
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zawierać, pomieścić
take a hard line on sth
The police are to take a harder line on speeding motorists.
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zająć twarde stanowisko w sprawie czegoś
Son, there's a thick layer of dust on your desk!
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Synu, na twoim biurku jest gruba warstwa kurzu!
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an abstruse philosophical essay
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There's been a lot of conjecture in the media recently about their marriage.
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bell curve
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krzywa dzwonowa (w statystyce)
sinister, ominous
The ruined house had a sinister appearance.
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złowieszczy, złowrogi
Natural resources are hogged by the rich.
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nadużywać czegoś, używać za dużo niż potrzeba
Former Noble Peace Prize recipients include Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.
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The home team's spirited playing ensured them a comfortable victory.
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pełny wigoru, entuzjastyczny
The situation in the region has deteriorated rapidly.
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marnieć, pogarszać
further afield
Our students come from Europe, Asia, and even further afield.
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nieco dalej, z innego obszaru
common pests such as rats, mice or cockroaches
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There was a lot of pollen in the air from all the wildflowers, and it made Sophie's allergies play up.
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W powietrzu było mnóstwo pyłków z kwiatów polnych, co spowodowało, że Sophie zaczęła dokuczać alergia.
Bees pollinate the plants by carrying the pollen from one flower to another.
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the scent of roses
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He had a nice smile and an appealing personality.
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pociągający, interesujący
We have just received the information about the forthcoming conference.
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imminent disaster/danger
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bliski, prawdopodobny
the children's expectant faces
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oczekujący, szczególnie na coś przyjemnego
within the space of 20 minutes
It all happened within the space of ten minutes.
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w przestrzeni 20 minut
flee + direct object
He fled the area after he was accused of a crime.
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consume fuel
Big cars over 1.6 litres tend to consume a lot of fuel.
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zużywać paliwo
surplus to
The store is selling off stock that is surplus to requirements.
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w nadwyżce
scarce resources
In the public sector money and resources are scarce.
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ograniczone zasoby
cancel out
This month's pay cheque will cancel out his debt, but it won't give him any extra money.
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anulować coś (przez robienie czegoś, co ma przeciwny efekt)
spark off
He sparked off a lot of argument by that objection.
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rozpętać, wywołać
thin on the ground
Traditional bookshops are thin on the ground these days.
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w ograniczonej ilości
use up
Don't use up all the milk - we need some for breakfast.
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draught beer/lager
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z nalewaka
famine/ starvation
Another crop failure can result in widespread famine.
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a build-up of greenhouse gases
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gromadzenie się gazów cieplarnianych
soil erosion
Plants can't grow because of this soil erosion.
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erozja gleby
I knew she was coming that afternoon because she had phoned beforehand to say so.
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After a bit of ferreting, I managed to find his address.
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szukać, przeszukiwać
These people are in dire need of help.
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poważny, ekstremalny
hush up
The mayor tried to hush up the fact that he had been in prison.
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zatuszować, ukryć
a hardened criminal/ hardened detectives
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zatwardziały/ niewrażliwy po wielu złych przeżyciach
The police are warning of a repeated phone scam that targets tax payers.
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oszustwo (w celu pozyskania pieniędzy)
Two of three brothers were sharp-witted, the third was a fool.
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One of the documentary's many unsettling images is of a child playing with her father's gun.
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zaniepokoić, wprowadzić nieporządek
phone tapping
The ban on phone tapping should be strengthened.
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podsłuch telefoniczny
biometric data
The government collected the biometric data of all citizens.
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dane biometryczne
Our plans are in a state of flux at the moment.
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ciągła zmiana
The man was barely literate and took a long time to write his name.
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umiejący pisać i czytać
The logo was still visible but less obtrusive this time in beige.
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natrętny, narzucający się
The novel deals with grand themes, but is never heavy or pretentious.
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revel in something
They reveled in their success.
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rozkoszować się czymś
a wealth of sth
Jim has a wealth of teaching experience.
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bogactwo czegoś
get my message over
We have got to get the message over to the young that smoking isn't cool.
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wyjaśnić coś zrozumiale
get through to somebody
It's quite hard to get through to my uncle at times.
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zostać zrozumiałym/ dodzwonić się do kogoś
bring sth up
There are some subjects I try not to bring up very often.
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przywoływać (w rozmowie)
talk sb out of sth
I finally managed to talk my son out of playing rugby.
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odwieść kogoś od czegoś
talk over
I encourage my children to talk over potential issues before they become a problem.
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obgadać, przedyskutować
easier said than done
It's easier said than done but I'm going to give up sugar.
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łatwiej powiedzieć niż zrobić
talk business/politics
If you're going to talk business all night, I'm not coming with you!
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rozmawiać o biznesie / polityce (o konkretnym przedmiocie)
speak someone's mind
Andrew always speaks his mind, so try not to get offended by him.
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mówić prosto z mostu, co się myśli
speak on behalf
She's here to speak on behalf of her client.
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przemawiać/mówić w imieniu
needless to say
She's half an hour late again, needless to say.
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nie trzeba dodawać, że...
talk some sense into sb
I'm afraid I'm not able to talk some sense into my son.
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przemówić komuś do rozsądku
talk nonsense
Is it just me or was she talking nonsense in the meeting?
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mówić nonsensy
speak highly of sb
Tim was speaking highly of you yesterday.
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mówić dobrze o kimś
make small talk
I'm useless at making small talks to people I'll never see again.
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gawędzić, robić pogawędkę
it goes without saying
Of course, it goes without saying that you'll be paid for the extra hours you work.
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to jest oczywiste
get a word in edgeways
I could hardly get a word in edgeways when he was speaking.
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dojść do słowa
make head or tail of sth
I can't make head or tail of this homework.
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zrozumieć coś
get the wrong end of the stick
I'd better explain the arrangements to Carol before she gets the wrong end of the stick.
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źle zrozumieć
have a go at somebody
They were having a go at each other all the time.
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kłócić się z kimś
drop hints about
I dropped hints about what I might like for my birthday but I don't think he noticed.
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zasugerować (delikatnie, dyskretnie)
I can't decide whether or not to insure the washing machine.
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empezar lección
liczba mnoga od chief
dawn on somebody
It dawned on me that we could fly to Barcelona in May.
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przyjść komuś na myśl
Przyszło mi na myśl, że moglibyśmy polecieć w Maju do Barcelony.
Can you produce a report detailing what we've spent on the project so far?
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opisywać coś szczegółowo
dream up
This is the latest ploy dreamed up by advertising companies to sell their new products.
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an eminent historian
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kaleidoscopic diamond patterns
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ciągle zmieniający się, różnorodny
mull over sth
I need a few days to mull things over before I decide.
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obmyślać, rozmyślać nad czymś
snap judgment
The company made a series of snap judgments, which led them to bankruptcy.
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pośpieszny, pochopny sąd
Fierce storms have been hampering rescue efforts and there is now little chance of finding new survivors.
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scavenger of sorrow
empezar lección
be out of sorts
Peter overslept this morning and has been out of sorts all day.
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być nie w humorze
in high spirits
I've been in high/low spirits all day.
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w świetnym humorze
lose your cool
When I feel like I'm about to lose my cool, I just leave the room.
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stracić zimną krew
do sb's head in
Getting up at four o'clock every morning was doing my head in./ I've been trying to make sense of all these figures and it's doing my head in.
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sprawić komuś smutek/wywołać niezrozumienie
fly into a rage
I asked to speak to her boss and she just flew into a rage.
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gwałtownie wściec się
on reflection
On reflection, he says, he very much regrets the comments.
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po namyśle
in the heat of the moment
He didn't mean it - he said it in the heat of the moment.
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w pierwszym ferworze
brood over
I know you're upset about failing your exam, but don't brood over it all weekend.
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rozmyślać nad
snap at somebody
She snapped at me when I suggested that she should take a brake to focus on her kids.
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zaatakować kogoś, powiedzieć coś złośliwego
She was a bit ratty with me this morning.
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zdenerwowany, rozdrażniony
beside yourself
He was beside himself when he found out his dog had died.
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być pod wpływem silnych emocji
top yourself
UK slang
"At least he didn't top himself." "My mum did" he replied.
empezar lección
kill yourself

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