Business English - Abbreviations and Acronyms

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término English
definición English

annual general meeting = annual meeting

empezar lección
ante meridiem (before noon)

account of (on behalf of)

any other business

as soon as possible

automated teller machine (cash dispenser)

for the attention of


chief executive officer (US) = Managing director (UK)

chief information officer

cash on delivery


chief financial officer

extraordinary general meeting

estimated time of arrival

chief marketing officer

cheif security officer

gross domestic product

gross national product

Central European Time

Greenwich mean time

id est (that is)


I owe you

pound (weight)

pound (money)

limited company

not applicable

Nota Bene (it is important to note)

personal assistant

per annum

public limited company

empezar lección
post meridiem (after noon)

public relations

post scriptum

please turn over

per week

Research and Development

with reference to

repondez s'il vous plait (please reply)

stamped addressed envelope

value added tax

very important person

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