Business Culture

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British Business Culture
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• puncutuality • meetings follow a set agenda, use of humor • do not disagree very openly, • do not expose their position • negotiatins: win win scenario, • do not like to rush, unlikely to commit immediately
•finalise all agree upon commitments in writing • enjoy working with people they are familiar with • nepotism not accepted
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a privately owned UK multinational chemicals company (the biggest in the world
•Sir Jim Ratcliffe is the founder, Chairman and 60 percent shareholder •runs operations with minimal head office management, feeling that "work teams" are better suited for handling of the workflow day to day
Greenergy International Ltd
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• is a British distributor of petrol and diesel for motor vehicles and has over a quarter of the UK market •
•grown from a bedroom start up in 1992 to become an international supplier and distributor of transportation fuels, with fuel supply businesses in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Brazil and the Middle East
founded in the 1990s to supply low emission diesel offering significant air quality benefits
EG Group
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EG Group - is a British retailer based in Blackburn which operates petrol stations and fast food outlets in Europe, the United States and Australia
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• money oriented • a scientific approach to business • individualistic and motivated by the career • punctuality, hasty to reach decisions • casual meetings, business luncheons and dinners
•tend to think aloud and imagine ideas •disagreement shown directly •skillful at boasting and persuading, very persistent •culturally unaware thinking the American way is the right one
•negotiation: a give and take scenario •finalise the agreement verbally and by the handshake but a deal is sealed only when a written form is signed
America's largest priviate companies
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Cargill, Koch Industries, Albertsons, Deloitte
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a Minnesota based company, developed from a grain storage facility into a multinational trading, purchasing, trading, and distributors of agricultural commodities such as sugar, oil, turkey, and chocolate
•provides services such as financial management, transportation, and production of food ingredients •a family owned business with 90% of the copany owned by the descendants of the founder
Koch Industries
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• a multinational corporation which specializes in a variety of industries including refining, chemicals, biofuel, and ingredients such as forests and consumer products,
•based in Wichita, Kansas with its subsidiaries involved in trading, investments, chemical technology equipment, and manufacturing co founded in 1940 by Fred C Koch •currently owned by brothers Charles and David Koch who each own 42% of the enterprise
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• a chain of grocery stores headquartered in Boise, Idaho • owned and operated by Cerberus Capital Management,
•founded in 1939 by Joe Albertson and became a public company in 1959. The company was called Albertson s until 2002 when the apostrophe was removed
•one of the largest supermarket chains in North America owning over 2,000 stores which hires over 250,000 employees
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• puncutuality • introduction by their first names, a period of small talk • initially reserved, warms up as conversation proceeds • tend to build professinal friendships instead of personal ones
•polite, easy going, relatively informal, well organized •do not like wasting time •do not like being hurried into decisions •agreement by unanimous concensus
George Weston Limited („Weston”)
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• a major Canadian public company, representing Canada's largest food and drug retail businesses through, four generations •
•founded in 1882 by George Weston as a bakery
•control s Loblaw Companies Limited (“Loblaw”) and Loblaw's recent acquisition of Shoppers Drug Mart
Power Corporation of Canada
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• is a Canadian multinational diversified management and holding company with interests in companies in the financial services, asset management, sustainable and renewable energy, and other business sectors,
•formed in 1925 by stockbrokers Arthur J. Nesbitt and his partner Peter A. T. Thompson
Husky Energy
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• is a Canadian based integrated energy company. It is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta,
•controlled by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka Shing, who owns a majority share of approximately 70% according to Bloomberg and Financial Post data
•operates in Western and Atlantic Canada, the United States and the Asia Pacific region

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