Buildings in Galician

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término definición
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edificios (
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teatro (m.)
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escola (f.)
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cinema (f.)
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parque (m.)
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universidade (m.)
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hospital (m.)
police station
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biblioteca (f.)
shopping center
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centro comercial (m.)
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tenda (f.)
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libraría (f.)
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templo (m.)

Learn Buildings in Galician

If you considered learning Galician, This lesson will teach you basic vocabulary in Galician. Buildings in Galician are easy to learn and truly useful no matter what is our motivation to learn Galician. Additionally, not only will you learn some vocabulary in Galician but will also have an opportunity to improve your Galician pronunciation, thanks to our audio recordings of Galician words. Every word in our Buildings in Galician lesson has an image that makes the learning process quick.

Why should I master Galician?

There are many reasons to study Galician! First of all, Galician is a beautiful language. Speaking Galician will broaden your social circle and simply make you smarter! If the reasons above are not enough for you to start studying Galician, think of it as a challenge. Every moment you study a foreign language, you train the area in your brain responsible for remembering.

How to learn Galician efficiently

The key to success is to revise vocabulary often but not too often. Our Spaced Repetition Algorithm will take care of it by scheduling repetitions of the words in Galician you did not know, making you remember more in less time!

Learn Galician fast and efficiently!

Save time thanks to the VocApp Spaced Repetition System! It will expand your active vocabulary in the most time-saving way! You can also polish your pronunciation in Galician with our audio recordings!

Take a look at our other Galician lessons

Click on the link below and take a look at our Galician language courses and don't forget to check our other flashcards on Galician language.

Make sure to give us a chance and start with our lesson on Buildings in Galician! You will love it!

Study 5 minutes a day and remember even 90% of the vocabulary.

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