British and American cinematography.

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Do you know what cinematography is?
Make a film
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Cinematography is the art of creating images with movements.
What was the first film studio in the United states?
The film studio was built by Thomas Alva Edison.
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The first film studio was the Black Maria.
What is the place considered the cinema world?
It is a district of Los Angeles.
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The cinema world is Hollywood
Who were the first film directors?
They started with the silent film.
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They were the Lumière brothers.
Who invented new cinematographic techniques after the Lumière brothers?
He was a French illusionist and filmmaker.
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It was Georges Méliès.
What was one of Georges Méliès' most famous films?
It was created in 1902.
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It was A Trip to the Moon.
Who kept the cinematography in constant evolution?
They were great film directors.
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They were Ernst Lubitsch, Alfred Hitchcock, Fritz Lang, and Charles Chaplin.
What was the first film with sound?
It is a 1927 film.
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It was The Jazz Singer.
Who recorded the first moving images in the United Kingdom?
Considered the cinematography father.
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It was the French Louis Le Prince.
Who developed the first color images in the United Kingdom?
I was a photography inventor and director.
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It was Edward Raymond Turner.
By whom was the first color film found?
It was found in Bradford.
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It was found by the British National Media Museum.
What have been the most watched British films?
A fiction film and a romantic film.
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The have been Harry Potter and Notting Hill.
What are the most profitable Hollywood film studios?
One of the film studios produce movies for kids.
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They are Disney, NBCUniversal, Century Fox, Warner Bros, Sony, Paramount, Columbia Pictures.
What are some of the most famous British film directors?
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They are Ridley Scott, Tilda Swinton, Christopher Nolan.
What are some of the most famous American film directors?
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They are Ben Affleck, Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton.
Who directed the movie Colette?
A 2018 movie created by a British independent film director.
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It was Wash Westmoreland
Who directed the movie Avengers: Infinity War?
They are two American brothers.
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They were Anthony Russo and Joe Russo
What are the best British actors?
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They are Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, Daniel Craig, Emma Watson.
What are the best American actors?
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They are Will Smith, Johny Depp, Adam Sandler, Vin Diesel, Angelina Jolie.
What do British and American cinema have in common?
British and American cinema take into account one important aspect of society.
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Both British and American cinema are deeply immersed in their cultures.

Would you like to learn more about cinematography?

This lesson is exactly for you! You could learn a little bit about the old cinematography, that involves the cinematography techniques evolution, and about the British and American cinematography. You will enjoy this lesson because apart from learning about the best British movies , you will know some of the British directors and American directors . In this lesson, you will also find some famous British actors and American actors . While you study, You will realize that the American major film studios described in these flashcards, are film studios quite mentioned worldwide. The Hollywood cinema is a really famous company, with a great success that surpasses the barriers, therefore, you know that American cinema is much more profitable than English cinema. Many of the famous cinematographers are American cinematographers because they have produced the best 2018 films, so we could say that the American movies are very well positioned compared to the British movies. Do not forget to invite your friends to look at this!

Cinematography origin

The word “cinematography” comes from the Greeks, and it is a mixture between two words: “kinema”, that means movement and “graphein” that means to record (Good Eye Deer, 2014). Obviously in that time cinematography did not exist, there was only the theater, considered as a representation of art. Nowadays, cinematography is an art combined with great technologies and, over the years, this fantastic invention that provides entertainment, has become in one of the most famous businesses worldwide. We have to take into account that, this motion picture technique was not invented by only one person, in this process participated numerous creators and inventors, who made possible the cinematography evolution. With this information in mind, you already know that cinematography was not born with Georges Méliès, so it is time for you to have new knowledge about this interesting topic!

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