Brave New world 3.2

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Someone who is _____ has sex with many different people.
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“He patted me on the behind this afternoon,”
done or acting in a stealthy manner, as if to hinder observation; surreptitious; stealthy; sneaky;
Pol. ukradkowy, sekretny
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the naked children furtive in the undergrowth or running across the lawns.
expressing much in few words; short and pithy; pointed;
Pol. moralizatorski
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“But one’s got to make the effort,” she said, sententiously,
Pol. nieokiełznany/niezatamowany strumień
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unchecked stream
The unchecked stream flows smoothly down its appointed channels into a calm well-being.
Pol. wydzielina
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at once a nurse appears with a bottle of external secretion.
If something such as a danger, doubt, or fear _____ somewhere, it exists but is not obvious or easily recognized;
Pol. czaić się, tlić się
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Feeling lurks in that interval of time between desire and its consummation.
Am. a small, cheap automobile, esp. an old one
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“Ford’s in his flivver,”
Pol. [woman] krągły, o krągłych kształtach
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Wonderfully pneumatic.
Pol. opiekunka (do dziecka)
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He was a machine minder
A problem that is ____ is so great that it cannot be dealt with successfully;
Pol. nie do pokonania
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“Has any of you ever encountered an insurmountable obstacle?”
Pol. baranina
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Like mutton.
Pol. opóźniony w rozwoju
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That’s why he’s so stunted.”
Pol. oburzony, zgorszony
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“What nonsense!” Lenina was indignant.
Pol. nie pasujący do niczego, nie dopasowany
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a round peg in a square hole
Freedom to be a round peg in a square hole.”
Pol. mankiet, rękaw
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at the cuffs and collar.
If someone is_____, they are killed violently by a vehicle or gunfire.
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mown down
“Eight hundred Simple Lifers were mowed down by machine guns at Golders Green.”
Pol. siarczek
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the growth of an organism outside the body in which it would normally be found, such as the growth of an embryo outside the mother's body or the growth of bacteria outside the body of a host
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“Take Ectogenesis.

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