Best tourist attractions in Lyon

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Lyon city
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Lyon is situated in the middle-east of France, in the Rhône-Alpes region. It is the second-largest city and the core of French banking. Well-known for its gastronomy and historical monuments, Lyon is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is as well the place where one of the biggest light festival takes place; the Fête des Lumières.
Place Bellecour
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It is the third biggest square in France but the largest pedestrian square in Europe. It is seen as the core of the city, where all the ways to the main places start.
Hôtel-Dieu of Lyon
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Hotel-Dieu was the first hospital of Lyon. However, its services has been transferred and it will become the International City of French Gastronomy from 2019.
Place des Jacobins
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Famous for its splendid fountain, it is a place situated upper from Place Bellecour, named Jacobins from the Jacobins' Church.
Place des Cordeliers
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It is the central part of the Cordeliers district, situated between Place Bellecour and Place des Terreaux, and surrounded by the Church of Saint-Bonaventure and the Palais de la Bourse of Lyon.
Place des Terreaux and Lyon City Hall
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This place is the most beautiful one of Lyon; the Lyon City Hall, the Bartholdi's fountain and the Beaux-Arts Museum are parts of this place.
Opéra Nouvel
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The Opera Nouvel can be reached quickly from the Place des Terreaux and is famous for its architecture. Moreover, a bar occupies the last floor, giving to their customers a splendid panoramic view.
Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon)
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The Old Lyon is the medieval and Renaissance district of Lyon which is stll undamaged. It is situated down from the Fourvière hill and is famous for its "Bouchons Lyonnais", core of the French Gastronomy.
Cathedral of Saint Jean
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The medieval Cathedral of Saint-Jean is the central focus of the Old Lyon.
Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière
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The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière overlooks the city of Lyon from the top of the Fourvière hill since XIX century.
The Roman-Era Theatre
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Main roman monument in Lyon built at the beginning of the Roman Empire, this area is totally free to access and hosts sometimes musical events.
Confluence District
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The Confluence district, situated at the very end of the Presqu'Ile, has been renovated and is now the modern and state-of-art district of Lyon. The Confluence Mall and the Confluence Museum are parts of this district.
Gerland Stadium
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Main Stadium in Lyon which hosts Football, Rugby matches and entertainment events such as concerts.
Part-Dieu District
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The Part-Dieu district is the business and international district of the city, and the second most important one of France. The "Pen tower" and the "Oxygen Tower" are the most famous skyscrapers of Lyon for their architecture.
Parc de la Tête d'Or
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Considered as the lungs of Lyon, these parc is one of the biggest in France and in Europe as well, composed by several monuments, a lake, famous botanical greenhouses and even zoological gardens. Numerous events take place in there.
La Croix-Rousse Hill
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This borough called Croix-Rousse is situated on the top of the 1st district of Lyon, and composed by the hills and the plateau, from which you can access to a panoramic view of the whole city.
The Fête des Lumières
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This event takes place in Lyon every year the weekend following 8th December, the Immaculate Conception Day. During 4 days, Lyon hosts plenty of light shows all over the city and above all on the main monuments. This event has remain a tradition of this city since 1989.
The Nuits Sonores
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This music festival has taken place in Lyon in May since 2003. During 5 days, electronic and independant music shows and concerts flood emblematic places of the city such as streets, museums, old factories... This electronic music festival is one of the main representatives of the French electronic music culture.

What to see in Lyon?

Find out the best tourist spots and events in Lyon, capital of the French Gastronomy. Monuments, points of interest, places, events, and other secrets of Lyon city, the second-largest city in France and probably the most famous to savour the French cuisine. This city called Lugdunum during the Roman Era remains an undamaged blend of all the Human History eras. Roman-Era theatre, medieval and Renaissance district which is the Old Lyon, gothic Church, Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière at the top of the Fourvière hill, the Europe’s largest pedestrian square called Bellecour Square and post-modern architecture such as buildings in the Confluence district and the Part-Dieu district constitute this beautiful city situated in the middle-east of France.

Moreover, its nightlife counts between the best ones in France! Lyon is a city that offers plenty of opportunities and could seduce every generation from young party people to retired couples. Many events takes place in this beautiful city, such as the famous Fete des Lumières and the well-known festival Nuits Sonores

Why is Lyon called the capital of the French Gastronomy ?

Among all the tourist activities that you could enjoy in Lyon, the best one is undoubtedly eating! Indeed, Lyon has been renowned for its gastronomy and culinary specialities since the Antiquity where it owned the monopoly of the wine trade. But the cuisine lyonnaise became internationally well-known mostly thanks to the Mères lyonnaises during 19th century ; they were women from the bourgeoisie who decided to establish their own catering businesses in the core of the city. Their restaurants were pretty flourishing and thus had a major positive impact on the reputation that held Lyon.

However, the cuisine lyonnaise raised an even upper level thanks to Paul Bocuse, considered as the 20th-century’s greatest French Chef. Rewarded with three stars in the Guide Michelin for 53 years, Paul Bocuse mastered both new cuisine and traditional cuisine and created as well the Bocuse d’Or, which is considered as the catering Nobel Price. He established his 8 Brasseries Paul Bocuse within Lyon.

Eventually, the cuisine lyonnaise could not be evoked without talking about the bouchons ; these typical and traditional restaurants from Lyon have been renowned worldwide for their authenticity and simplicity. Although their menus are simple, the culinary specialities offered are always tasty and traditional and that makes their reputation. Among the numerous dishes that are served in the bouchons, the most famous and typical one is undoubtedly the Quenelle, which should be eaten while drinking the Beaujolais red wine.

Furthermore, Lyon hosts the International City of French Gastronomy since the beginning of 2019, which could not be better established than in the French city that contains 4000 restaurants, so that the biggest number of restaurants per inhabitant!

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