Basic Ukrainian for tourists 2

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Where is it?
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Де це?

Which side?
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В яку сторону?

How to get to...
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Як пройти до...

Help me, please.
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Допоможіть мені, будь ласка.

What time is it?
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Котра година?

I don’t speak Ukrainian.
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Я не розмовляю українською.

I’m lost.
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Я заблукав.

I don’t know.
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Я не знаю.


Thank you very much!
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Дуже дякую!

You are welcome!
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Будь ласка!

My pleasure!
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Нема за що!

I’m sorry!
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Don’t worry.
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Не переживай.

I understand.
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Я розумію.

It’s okay.
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Все гаразд.





See you soon!
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До зустрічі!

See you tomorrow!
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До завтра!

До побачення!

All the best!
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Всього найкращого!

About the lesson

This is the second part of the lesson we've created for you to learn the basics of Ukrainian. Wherever your goal is, to make an impression while visiting Ukraine, or to hear how the language sounds like, we are sure you will succeed!

Why should you visit Ukraine?

This is a country worth discovering! The beautiful Lvov, Kyiv and Odessa, along with the picturesque nature, the Black Sea and the Carpathians are there to welcome you with their great atmoshpere! And of course, don't forget to try the tasty Ukrainain food and drinks!

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We are a modern platform created especially for you to learn easy and fun! Our special Repetition System, along with the colorful and interactive flashcards will guarantee your success! For more professional courses and lessons, explore our site and download our app!

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