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nakręcać zegarek
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wind up the watch
zakończyć, skończyć
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wind up
bring to conclusion, close, complete, conclude, end, finish, round (off or out), terminate, wrap up
starać się
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try to, do my best
No one expects you to do the job perfectly. Just do your best.
święcona woda
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Holy water
co drugi tydzień
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every second week
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hooky, truancy,
truant - wagarowicz, pl
uchylać się (od obowiązków), b
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evade (from obligations), shrik from duties,
bagno, moczary
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swamp, marshes, bog, slough, morass, fen
uchylać się od czegoś
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avoid, burke, elude, shirk, skulk (też czaić)
wzdrygać się (przed czymś), odsunąć się (od czegoś)
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shrink, cringe, start, jib, blench, shudder at sth, move away,
I shrink from the sight of blood. Dennie cringed back from the screen with disgust.
miedza, przeszkoda, belka, przegrana, wzdrygać się, być, niechętnym, stanąć jak wyryty, udaremnić, zniweczyć
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My parents went to trial for a pear-tree on the balk They couldn't keep it together after the last balk. Congress balked at putting up the money
garbić się -> zgarbić się, zgarbiony
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slouch -> slouch, hunched over, stoop, hunker, hump -
chwiać się, zataczać się
Moje auto szarpnęło, kiedy próbowałem uruchomić silnik.
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to stagger, lurch, toddler
He wasn't feeling well so he lurched to the side of the road. My car lurched when I tried to start the engine My heart lurched with fear when I heard her scream
wysilać się
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to make an effort, strain, exert, hustle, take pains, try one's best, struggle, hump
We hustled to make everything work. My back really hurts after humping all these boxes.
bieganina, krzątana
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hustle and bustle, hustle,
tłoczyć się, pchać
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crowd, push hustle, swarm, throng, congest,
People hustled in the corridor He hustled me towards the exit
zwodować łódź ratunkową
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to launch a lifeboat
named after
prawość, uczciwość
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integrity and honesty
znaczyć, udzielać poparcie, tolerować
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stand for
opóźniać się
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to get behind on
my payments, writting thesis
być na niskim poziomie
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be flatlining
dąsy, fochy
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pouting, sulk, pip
być na niskim poziomie, umrzeć, zgon
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decease, demise,
potrącenie od wynagrodzenia
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salary deduction
ostrzeliwać / ostrzelać z dział
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shell, firing at guns, strafe,
The army was shelling us the whole night.
być pogrzebanym pod gruzami
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to be buried under the rubble
rozejm, zawieszenie broni
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truce, ceasefire

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