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término definición
ponosić costs, the wrath, debts, losses
narobić długów
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bear cost, incur
The son incurred great expense in building himself a house on the land. incur debts incur a penalty
nabywać prawa i zaciągać zobowiązania
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acquire rights and incur liabilities
zdarzyć się przyjść do głowy
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A great plan occurred to me. cross somebody's mind naturally occurring • it occurs to somebody that • it occurs to somebody to do something • thought occurs to you, thought strikes you, thought comes to you • court of the place where criminal act occured
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grymas (niezadowolenia)
(Po tym jak przegrałem przetarg, mój szef przywitał mnie grymasem niezadowolenia.) (Jego usta wykrzywiły się w mimowolnym grymasie.)
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scowl, twist, grimace
I don't like your twist - tell me what's wrong. After I lost the tender, my boss greeted me with a scowl. She put down the receiver with a grimace. His mouth twitched in an involuntary grimace.
ujrzeć, spojrzeć, spostrzegać
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zataić, wstrzymać, odmawiać
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withholding tax • withhold important facts • withhold the performance • withhold the truth from somebody • withhold one's consent • overwithhold
odmawiać, odrzucać
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refuse, decline, dismiss, discard repudiate counter, scrap, deny, disallow, disapprove, negative, nix, refuse, reject, reprobate
Antonyms allow, concede, grant, let, OK (or okay), permit The Prime Minister declined to answer questions about his private life. I think we should scrap this idea.
zrzeczenie się spadku
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renunciation of inheritance, repudiation of inheritance, waiver
zrzeczenie się (władzy, praw)
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waiver of (authority, rights)
: right to waiver • • waiver of a right • waiver of an obligation • waiver of a title • waiver of a warranty • waiver of title • waiver of an action
w przeciwieństwie
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In contrast, by contrast
uzyskanie zdolności prawnej
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obtain legal capacity / attainment of legal capacity
prześcignąć, pozostawić w tyle
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outrun, leave behind, outperform, exel
This year, we outperform our competitors.
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urwać się z pracy
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get out of work, bunk off
zwolnić warunkowo
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release on parol
poprawczak, zakład poprawczy
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juvie, juvenile detention cetre
gryżć, obgryzać, nękać, dręczyć
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a dog gnawing a bone, anxiety always gnawing him
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arouse, stoke commend, compel, excite, stir
It stoked fear in me, The president should command respect. Your father compels respect. His speeches excite admiration in the crowd. his photo stirred many childhood memories
podwieżć kogoś
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give someone a lift
wykoleić się
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to derail

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