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término English definición English
an area of interest or activity:
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Remember that one of the most important objectives of the course is developing your ability to express different ideas in English in a way that is sometimes beyond the realm of your direct experience.
to go as far as or past the usual limit of something:
empezar lección
go past
in this respect the course should stretch your imagination but this will do you good.
impossible for someone to understand or explain:
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Don't be discourage if something seems a little difficult or appears a bit baffling or demanding.
to obtain or receive something as a result of your own actions:
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Keep it up and soon you will reap more and more benefits.
proudly refusing to obey authority:
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What if he gave you the finger in a defiant gesture rather than simply say 'yes boss'?
to show someone in an offensive way that you are angry with that person by turning the back of your hand towards them and putting your middle finger up
empezar lección
give sb the finger
Say you were the boss of a gang of criminals? Say you insitsted that one of your men rob a bank?
What if he gave you the finger in a defiant gesture rather than simply say 'yes boss'?
a force or influence that stretches, pulls, or puts pressure on something, sometimes causing damage:
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Do you do chores at home? Does that put a strain on you or do you get a buzz from it?
something that seems bad or unlucky at first, but results in something good happening later:
empezar lección
a blessing in disguise
Do you treat household chores as a necessary evil or as a blessing in disguise?
to give a spoken statement of an opinion or thought:
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would you make an insulting remark that she is giving the dress a bad name by being seen in it in public?
the state of feeling healthy and happy:
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Why do you think politicians and people in show business use sunbeds?
Do they do it for their own well-being or for improving their public image?
an... time or situation is one in which nothing interesting or surprising happens:
empezar lección
Are you looking for adventures? Is it better to lead a quiet, secure and uneventful life where nothing really happens?
to agree or be willing to accept something:
pharsal verb
empezar lección
go along
I’d go along with you there.
3 sposoby na zgodzienie sie z kims, 1 disagree
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Do you see what I mean? Are you with me?
I’d go along with you there. That’s not the way I see it.
a state or way of doing something that avoids being extreme, often combining the best of two opposite states or ways of doing something:
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happy medium
I try to strike a (= achieve a) happy medium when I'm on holiday, and spend half my time doing things and the other half just relaxing.

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