8. This is the modern world

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The present system is simply no longer viable.
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able to be done, or worth doing
Hospitals plan to stop services that are not financially viable.
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capable of producing a profit
There seems to be only one feasible solution.
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possible or likely to succeed
daring, bold
one of the most daring rescues ever attempted
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brave enough to do dangerous things
an intricate pattern of birds and flowers
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very detailed in design or structure
an ingenious device for opening bottles
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uses new and clever ideas
draw up
Guidelines have been drawn up for dealing with emergencies.
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to prepare and write something such as a document or plan
to devise
They’ve devised a scheme to allow students to study part-time.
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to invent a method of doing something
to shelve
He shelved the idea of going over to see her.
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to not reach a particular level
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fall short of sth
The party is likely to fall short of a parliamentary majority.
had it not been for
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but for
The work was now complete, but for a final coat of paint.
it is not important
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it is of no consequence
Where he is from is of no consequence to me.
because of the fear
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for fear of
I didn't turn the TV on for fear of waking up the baby
given that
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given that
it's not surprising he looks so tired given that he only slept for 3 hours
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in earnest
he gazed in earnest at the transparent surface
certainly not
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by no means
while it was new for Apple, by no means it was a new technology
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there is little prospect of Tom getting that job he applied for
smb thinks about it
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sth is on smb mind
It has been on Andrew's mind all day

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