5th year. Future tenses- practice.

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I hear you ... in a band (play)
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are playing/ are going to play (may be arrangement: very sure/ decision/plan)

I'm sure Grace ... for the test (study)
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will study (every phrase starting with: " I think/ I'm sure/ I believe... will"

Would you like to come to the festival with me? Sorry, I can't I... my aunt (visit)
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am visiting (arrangement= with my aunt)

What day ... you ... back? (be)
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will you be (predition/ what do you THINK?)

What ... you ... tomorrow afternoon? (do)
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are you doing (arrangement: something arranged with someone which you can't change)

I'm sure Grace ... a cake (bring)
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will bring (I'm sure/ I think...)

That's a difficult exercise! I ...... you. (help)
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will help (decision now)

Do you already know what to do for the talent show? Yes, I ... the piano. (play)
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am going to play (you know= plan/ decision before)

I can't hear you! I ... the radio down (turn)
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will turn(decision now)

What are you doing with that broom (escoba)? - I... (help) you clean the house.
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am going to help (decision before/ plan)

........ we ....... drink hot chocolate instead of coke for May 25th? (drink)
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shall we drink...? offer

What a hot day! I...... on the fan. (turn)
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will turn (decision now)

Sorry, I can't join you at the park, as I... with Pam (study)
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am studying (arrangement with Pam)

... I ... round your house on May 20th? (come)
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shall I come...? (offer)

... you ... long with that composition? (be) I need the desk to write a letter.
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will you be long? (vas a tardar mucho?)

What ... you ... when you finish secondary school? (do)
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are you going to do? (plan)

What do you think you ... next summer holidays? (do)
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will do (opinion/ prediction...)

I'm sure Frank ... late today. (be)
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will be (I'm sure... will)

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