4a_part 2 (13.12.2018)

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término English definición English
empezar lección
adjective; something that can be used again
empezar lección
something that happens or that is made or done only once
disposable products
disposable nappies a disposable camera daily disposable contact lenses
empezar lección
A disposable product is intended to be thrown away after use
desalination plant
empezar lección
the process of removing salt from sea water
a factory which desalinate water
Temperatures soared to 29'C.
empezar lección
to rise very quickly to a high level
a spell of dry weather The weather forecast is for dry, sunny spells.
empezar lección
a short period of a particular type of weather
empezar lección
not willing to do something and therefore slow to do it
empezar lección
to make something possible or easier
- Do you like herring? - No, because it has a peculiar smell.
empezar lección
unusual and strange, sometimes in an unpleasant way
- Do you like herring? - No, because it has a ________ smell.
empezar lección
a period of time such as a few weeks when the weather is much hotter than usual

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