4. What's the perfect way to switch off?

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switch off
My mobile phone was switched off. Switch off the lights before you leave.
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to turn off a machine, light etc, using a switch

enjoy doing something My wife enjoys riding.
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to get pleasure from something
Do not say: ‘Pete enjoys to play tennis.’ Say: Pete enjoys playing tennis.

free time.
I never have any free time.
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not busy: not busy working or doing other things

be/have to do with somebody/something
The conversation mostly had to do with work.
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to be related to or involved with something or someone

a performance given by musicians or singers

an occasion when there are performances of many films, plays, pieces of music etc

a game in which players hit a small white ball into holes in the ground using a club (special stick)

golf course
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an area of land that golf is played on

I’m addicted
television addicts
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someone who likes something very much and does it a lot

really into music
'I'm into listening to music. What are you into?' 'I'm into singing!'
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If you're into something, it means you really like it.

I’m an amateur opera singer.
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a musical play in which all of the words are sung

a public show where people can go and see paintings, photographs etc

an indoor game in which you roll a heavy ball along a wooden track in order to knock over pieces of wood called pin

our national heritage
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the traditional customs, buildings, arts etc that are important to a country

to rest or do something you enjoy, especially after working

Swimming helps me unwind.
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to relax and stop thinking about your work or problems

"everyone needs downtime to unwind"
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time when one is not working or active.

holiday (also holidays)
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British English a period when you travel to another place for pleasure SYN vacation American English

time off
take/have/get time off Can you get some time off for the funeral?
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time when you are allowed not to be at work or studying

Young people are becoming more politically aware.
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interested in something and knowing a lot about it politically/environmentally etc aware

lead a ... life
I lead a quiet life.
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to have a particular kind of life

including many different kinds of things or people OPP narrow: a broad range of interests

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