25 advanced business english words

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arrange something in an orderly way
Our sales and marketing team will organize the uocoming annual Sales Convention in Las Vegas.
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act of giving direction or help
Martha, our manager, tell us we can go to her for guidance any time.
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to increase the size or amount of something
I hear that your company plans to expand to Europe and China next year.
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statement or term in the contract
Our legal team has raised some questions about a couple of clauses in the contract.
null and void
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refers to a contract or clause that's invalid, non-binding or which has no legal force
Our lease will become null and void in 20 days if we don't renew it now.
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another business that is trying to perform better than your business and others in the same market
Management is concerned about the number of new competitors entering the market this year.
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itemized bills showing the list of goods sold or Services provide, the prices and the total amount to be paid
Don't forget that we need to pay within 45 days of receiving the invoice.
counter offer
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an offer you make in response to an offer made by another party
John offered to sell me his car for $15,000. It's a nice car but that's a little to expensive. So I'm going to make him a counter offer.
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refers to an officially registered name symbol or logo used to represent a product or company
One of the most famous trademarks in the world today is "golden arches", the symbol of Mc Donald.
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an idea or opinion that's been agreed on by everyone
After a four - hour meeting, the comittee still couldn't come to a consensus, so they'll be meeting again next week.
public relations
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activities used to promote and create a good public image of your company so that people will view it in a positive way
I feel that sponsoring the Fitness for All program will be an excellent public relations move.
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list of things to be discussed or done at the meeting or business event
Are you sure we can cover everything on today's agenda?
visual aids
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things like charts, pictures, maps etc. that make it easier for your audience to understand something
usually when you are giving presentation
Your visual aids really helped me get a better picture of this complex construcymtion project.
after-sales service
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refers to the service such as maintenance and repairs that you continue to provide after your customer buys your product or service
Our company's after-sales service is considered one of the best in the electronics market.
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in business refers to a plan that's been carefully put together to achieve a certain goal
Our corporate department is developing a strategy to place our company at the top of the tourism industry.
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refers to a general idea about the value, size or cost of something based on a rough calculation
The finance team is requesting estimates from several information technology companies to get an idea of the project cost.
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a set of tools or devices you need for a special purpose
My manager thinks we should sell off the unused office equipment to create more space.
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refers to the local office or shop of a company
Our bank will be opening many new branches in smaller cities next year.
dress code
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refers to a set of company rules about what clothing may and may not be worn at work
Our company has a strict dress code that requires all customer service staff to wear a suit.
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to make an assurance, usually in written form, of the quality of your product or service
Don't worry, all our products come with a guarantee against major defects.
Market research
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research you do to collect information about what your customers need or prefer in a certain product or service
New market research shows that food manufacturing is one of our country's top income earners.
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comes from the verb to authorize (to give someone legal or official approval to do sth)
A manager's authorization is required for refunds over $500.
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refers to an official punishment, usually through a fine or other payment for a breaking a contract
If you don't pay your suppliers on time, there will be a penalty of15%.
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head office where a company is controlled or managed from
Apple's new headquarters in Silicon Valley cost around $5 billion to build!
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paid advertisement on the radio or TV
Our marketing department has a brilliant idea for our next Super Bowl commercial.

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