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término definición
for small objects such as pearls, corn grains, teeth
I found a pearl on the beach.
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pinyin: kē
for small round things such as peas, bullets, peanuts, pills, grains, etc.
I am sick. I have to take three pills a day.
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pinyin: lì
for doors and windows
She opened the two windows because it was so hot inside.
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pinyin: shàn
for a pack of something
Do you have a pack of tissues? I have a runny nose.
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pinyin: bāo
你有没有一包面纸 ?我流鼻涕。
for small rolled things such as a wad of paper money, movie reel etc
Now it looks like a roll of toilet paper is more valuable than gold.
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pinyin: juǎn
for sealed objects such as an envelope, letters etc
He writes me a letter every month.
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pinyin: fēng
for buckets and tubes
Don't forget to buy two buckets of white paint.
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pinyin: tǒng
for a small box or case
My boyfriend gave me a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day.
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pinyin: hé
for a bouquet, bunches and bundles
This bouquet of flowers is so beautiful! Did you do it yourself?
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pinyin: shù
for books, periodicals, files etc
I usually read five books a year.
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pinyin: běn
for newspapers, magazines, papers, reports, contracts etc
This magazine is sold at bookstores throughout the country.
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pinyin: fèn
for events, incidents, some clothes etc
This shirt is so ugly! Don't wear it.
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pinyin: jiàn
for segments such as lessons, train wagons, biblical verses etc
This is really an unforgettable lesson.
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pinyin: jié
for lessons, subjects and large guns
How many subjects are you taking at university?
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pinyin: mén
for enumerated events, time, occurrence
Not many people came to this meeting.
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pinyin: cì
for sporting or recreational activities
Our basketball team lost this game.
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pinyin: chǎng
for stories, periods of time, lengths of thread etc
This description is very vivid.
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pinyin: duàn
for events or states of short duration
There was a downpour.
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pinyin: zhèn
for short time intervals, a moment
Enjoy this moment!
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pinyin: kè
for a long period of time or an activity that requires significant effort
I have put in a lot of effort at work.
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pinyin: fān

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