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" I've got a real vested interest"
if you have a vested interest in something happening, you have a strong reason for wanting it to happen because you will get money or advantages from it
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Dr David Bailey. To have a vested interest means you are not neutral because you have personal reasons for wanting to be a particular way.

"We don't have an axe to grind"
to have an axe to grind: to have a selfish reason or strong opinion that influences your actions.
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Professor Justin Lewis. The opposite.

I'm going to play devil's advocate. Let's imagine the company goes bankrupt. What happens to the employees?
play devil's advocate
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take a deliberately contrary position in an argument to force people to justify their opinions.

I'm going to speak my mind. I think this situation is absolutely terrible and we have to find a solution.
speak my mind
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say what you really believe

If you have to make a decision, it's no use sitting on the fence. You must choose one or the other.
sitting on the fence
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being unable to commit yourself to one opinion or one side

Let's not beat about the bush. You have committed a serious crime, and now you must pay for it.
beat about the bush
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talk a lot, but avoid directly addressing the most important point

Which idioms above can be used to introduce opinions or knowledge?
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All of these can be used to introduce opinions or knowledge

the process of finding out what people think about a subject by asking a lot of people the same questions SYN opinion poll: Polls show that most people support the President.

the clergy [plural] the official leaders of organized religions

to pass an examination that shows you are trained to do a particular job

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