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How are the photos connected to the problems
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Re-cycling bicycles - hunger and poverty, Shall we dance? - disease and poverty, Making a good impression - unemployment

Ken Thind's business helps unemployed people by offering _. a) jobs b) clothes c) services
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c) services

The thing that makes Ken happiest is when someone _ a) says thank you b) gets a job c) offers to pay from their profits
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b) gets a job

Ryan Sinclair _ the charity. a) works full-time for b) set up c) is a volunteer for
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c) is a volunteer for

The couple in Zambia was able to _. a) learn to read and write b) send their children to school c) get a job in the market
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a) learn to read and write

Sarah was inspired by the twelve-year-old kid because he needed _. a) a carer b) support c) help with his schoolwork
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b) support

The author visited the dance marathon at _. a) 5 o'clock b) 12 o'clock c) the end of the event. start learning
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b) 5 o'clock

check someone's background information
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I don't vet people to see if they really are unemployed, but it's a one-off deal.

a especial arrangement that you can do only once
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it's a one-off deal: happening, done, or made only once

gives for free
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an eye-opening experience

promise to give money
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pledge - a serious or formal promise, especially one to give money

do something at the same speed as others
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he couldn't keep up with his schoolwork

how big or important something is

a jacket and trousers or a skirt that are made of the same material and are worn together

a set of clothes that you wear together

to check details about a person in order to make sure they are suitable for a particular job

happening only once

an agreement or arrangement, especially in business or politics

the money that you get when you sell something for more than you paid for it, especially in business

used to say that something is interesting, useful, or enjoyable

if something is worthwhile, it is important or useful, even though you have to spend time, effort, or money doing it

to repair something

to repair something that is broken or damaged SYN fix

three times as big, as much, or as many as something else SYN triple

continuing all through your life

raise money
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to get people to give money that will be used to help other people or to do a particular job

someone who looks after a child, or a person who is old or ill

a serious or public promise

to do something as well or as quickly as other people

to begin to take part in an activity that other people are already doing

time when you are allowed not to be at work or studying

to give money to an event or institution, especially in exchange for the right to advertise

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