06 09 2019 How I help transgender teens become who they want to be

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poisonous or very harmful, esp. about a gas or other substance / szkodliwy, niezdrowy
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The child who says they are in the wrong body is certain to be transgender and is extremely unlikely to change those feelings, no matter how anybody tries reparative therapy or any other noxious things.
to state something as true / potwierdzić
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to affirm
Once they gave the patients the hormones consistent with the gender they affirm, they look beautiful.
after something else/ następnie, potem, później (C1)
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And I subsequently learned from the many adults that if I didn't peek as to who their partner was in the waiting room, I would never be able to guess, whether they were gay, straight, bi or asexual in their affirmed gender.
to look for a short time or while trying to avoid being seen / podejrzeć, podglądnąć
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to peek
designed to show someone's personality, mental ability, opinions etc. / psychometryczny
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They were treating young adolescents after giving them the most intense psychometric testing of gender, and they were treating them by blocking the puberty that they didn't want.
to make a legal agreement or decission have no legal force / make legally null and void / unieważnić, anulować
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to nullify
The fantasy that you had that your body will change to be who you want it to be, with puberty, actually is nullified by the puberty you get.
to flow or send out liquid or flames quickly and with force, in a straight line / wytryskać,
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to spout
When you give the hormones of the opposite sex, you now start spouting breasts and facial hair and voice change, depending on what you're using, and those effects are permanent.
to make a humorous and clever remark / żartować
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to quip
And one of the judges quipped: "But she has more natural self than half the other contestants"
(e.g. of growth) to increase or grow very quickly, or to suddenly increase by a particular amount
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He's got angular bones to the face, a mustache, and you can see a height difference, cause he's gone through a growth spurt that she won't get.
(idiom) a very short distance
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a stone's throw...
France is a stone's throw from Switzerland so I can help Fadila with anything!

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