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verb; /kəˈlæps/
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collapse inglés
Something collapses when all its parts fall down or give away. A building or a bridge collapses when it breaks and all its parts fall down. A person collapses when they are tired and they fall into a chair or onto a bed.
He was so tired, he just collapsed onto that chair.

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When someone invokes a rule, they use the rule in a specific situation.
For the government to do that legally, they would have to invoke the "notwithstanding" clause of the constitution.

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Feelings of severe melancholy and dejection.
countable & uncountable
Van Gogh suffered from depression for a long time before he killed himself.

odd time; /ɒd/
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The odd time, drink, problem, etc. is one that happens sometimes, but not often.
usually before the noun
I don't really drink--just the odd beer at the weekend.

noun; person; /ˈlevi/
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Someone drafted or conscripted into military service.

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x is intrinsic to y if y is an important part of x. y must always have x as a part.
Being able to think is intrinsic to being human.

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Someone compiles some things or ideas when they bring them together into one place.
I need to compile a list of reasons not to go ahead with the project.

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