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1. competition competition

The competition is fierce.
Winning the competition is important. However, fair play is more important. You need to understand that winning is not the most important thing.
The website's tagline has to let people know what that business does and how it differs from the competition.
Nordic combined is one of the winter sport events, a competition where you compete on the combination of two Nordic style ski events - cross country skiing and ski jumping.
Advantaging myself over the competition is the only way I can ensure my evaporated yogurt water stand will be here tomorrow.
You have just won a prize of $5000 in a California state safety competition for proper use of your seatbelt.
Because there's the chance to help each other, as well as some healthy competition, I think going to the gym with friends is the best way.
His victory at this age in an international competition is a good indication of a bright future.
Sales at the company zoomed thanks to brisk export demand, but profit did not keep up because of intense competition.
OK. I like the competition to think of the best quotations, but it's time to get back to work!
Yes, exactly... but it’s not easy to get work as an architect. There’s a lot of competition here in London
Many students entered the sports competition. / There was a tough competition between the students taking part in the tournament.
Maybe shepherd just doesn't like competition. / 2. It's a small competition, but it's always great fun. / 3. I know you always thought I took the competition too seriously. / 4. I thought the competition was over.
The world is divided into people who do things and people who get the credit. Try, if you can, to belong to the first class. There’s far less competition.

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2. contest contest

She won the contest.
Many boys and girls ranging from 12 to 18 entered the contest.
Did you enter the singing contest?
The speech contest took place on the ninth of November.
Let's have a contest. The side to come up with the worst insult wins.
Tom pleaded no contest to a charge of drunken driving.
In the contest he fully displayed what ability he had.
Christopher Columbus once engaged in a debate with the Divine Celt. It would become the only contest that Columbus ever lost.
The last election was such a hot contest that several ex-ministers lost.
The speech contest was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.
Getter Jaani is the best singer in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.
A number of students announced their readiness to engage in the contest.
My father was a contestant in a cooking contest and won first prize.
I entered a singing contest sponsored by a pasta company and I made it to the semifinals.
An oratorical contest will be held next Sunday.

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3. occupations occupations

He maintained that all occupations should be open to women.
The character of men depends more on their occupations than on any teaching we can give them.
Age discrimination is illegal and retirement is mandatory in only a few occupations.
Stock-raising is one of the farmer's occupations and the animals are carefully selected according to their breed.

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4. professions professions

Heroing is one of the shortest-lived professions there is.

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5. jobs jobs

Workers lost their jobs.
Next time I switch jobs, I need work that will let me make use of the experience I've gained up to now.
I wanted to ask Tom if he'd ever consider changing jobs.
All of Steve's jobs were boring or not well-paid or both.
I made five applications for jobs but got nothing.
Well it's very difficult changing jobs after you're thirty so I don't really want to do it.
When there was despair in the dust bowl and depression across the land, she saw a nation conquer fear itself with a New Deal, new jobs, a new sense of common purpose. Yes, we can.
Today, more and more people are changing jobs in order to get a better salary and higher social status.
Many people never get it right and end up landing jobs in government. How they do it will forever remain a mystery.
There's new energy to harness, new jobs to be created, new schools to build, and threats to meet, alliances to repair.
Forty percent of the workforce are white-collar workers, most of whom have some of the most tedious and idiotic jobs ever concocted.
It's possible to branch out from computing to jobs in banking, accountancy and so on.
These days many young people work without much focus; my friend's son hadn't gone two years after graduating before he'd changed jobs five times.
Can S. Jobs bring back the magic to Disney?
Do you think that Steve Jobs would have been as successful as he has been if his last name were "Joobs" instead?

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6. tournament tournament

We have a soccer tournament in May.
Twenty teams entered the tournament.
High school baseball teams competed with one another at the tournament.
The English team beat the Brazilian team in the international soccer tournament.
That athlete won three times in a row in this tournament.
For sure, she'll win the championship in the tournament.
People buy these tickets many months before the tournament starts.
His leg will prevent him from participating in a tennis tournament.
He decided to play it safe and pull out of the tournament due to his injured knee.
The top eight players survived the ninth day of the tournament.
This is my last tournament, no matter what happens. / 2. Arranging that tournament was actually a fabulous idea. / 3. You win the tournament, you win their respect. / 4. Mr. Daytona, we'll see you at the tournament.
They came here for the basketball tournament. (Oni przyjechali tutaj na turniej koszykówki.) The tournament is open to players of both sexes. (Turniej jest otwarty dla zawodników obu płci.)
The tournament took place in London.
Tim got through to the tennis final easily and won the tournament.
It was annoying, as the manager took his team to a near-miss in the tournament.

7. trades trades

A jack of all trades is a master of none.
Japan trades with lots of countries in the world.
Amos Ward, local handyman, a jack-of-all-trades (Buried)
Japan trades with many foreign countries.
Jack of all trades, and master of none.
Medical doctors and dentists have very different tools of the trades.

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8. professional professional

Be professional about it.
Professional writers do not have a regular income.
A professional thief can jimmy a car door in no time.
Playing country-western music on guitar is real kid stuff to a true professional.
To become a professional banjo player, you need to spend thousands of hours practicing.
Because of his great professional skill, the lawyer has a large number of clients.
They are professionals. They know what they're doing, just let them get on with it.
The musical instruments and parts are completely professional quality! And yet the prices are lower than anywhere!
Mary was very impressed with the professional appearance of her new outfit.
You play the guitar quite like a professional, don't you?
The point we must clarify here is that the lines between amateur and professional in sport are beginning to disappear.
This is where it is vital for staff to have professional training.
You should get some professional advice about your finances. a professional athlete/musician, a professional attitude He looks very professional in that suit.
I must tell you that Dr Bruner is a very respected professional.

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9. championships championships

I would like to win the championships in Berlin this year.
Do you think the Supersonics will go all the way to the world championships?
Polish championships
Each year in July, when the Championships are over, he starts to prepare for the next year.
In high school, I won the Osaka and Kinki championships in cross-country skiing and Nordic combined skiing on countless occasions.

10. event event

An unforgettable event occurred.
a family event
The Aoi Festival has been carried out as a national event since then and has continued to the present day.
With this module you can make the Enter key generate an event.
They were erected to commemorate a certain event or to tell an ancestral legend.
Bon, an annual Buddhist event, is from July (or August on the lunar calendar) 13th to the 16th.
History is like Quantum Physics, the observer affects the event observed. Is the Kennedy assasination a particle or a wave?
I felt ill and was admitted to the hospital, but in the event, it was nothing serious.
Guys, I'll do my utmost to back you up. We'll make this event a success no matter what!
Each year Australians attend events and get together with their families.
The most important Shinto event takes place in the New Year, when millions of people visit shrines to pray for happiness and a healthy year.
In the event that asbestos-covered mesh is found, ensure its safety by damping the asbestos portion to prevent dust release and wrapping in a plastic bag.
Calculating the risk which is involved in the event of failure, he demanded a show-down with the other party.
A miracle is an event described by those to whom it was told by people who did not see it.

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