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1. delighted

Every boy and every girl was delighted.
I was delighted to hear of your promotion to Senior Managing Director.
Elizabeth was delighted.
The children were delighted to see their grandparents whom they had not seen for quite a long time.
The speech made by the president yesterday delighted his supporters.
We're absolutely delighted.
Chris was confident that Beth would be delighted with his improvement.
I delighted in going to his farm during the summer vacation.
We would be delighted to attend your wedding / The old woman was delighted when her grandchildren came by for a surprise visit
The family is delighted that the case is finally over. We’re delighted with our new grandson.
Personally, I will be delighted if the aims of this directive are well implemented.
The definition of delighted is you feel great pleasure or joy. When you are really happy to receive a present, this is an example of a time when you might be described as delighted.
1. I am delighted to meet one of the eminent personalities. / 2. I'm not delighted about it. / 3. I'm not exactly delighted about the situation myself.
All was delighted about her success in school's championship.
I'd be delighted to come to dinner on Tuesday. / I was delighted at/by your news.

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2. enraptured

Those two are blindly enraptured with each other right now but they say first meeting someone is the first step toward goodbye. I wonder if they're aware of that.

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3. ecstatic

When he got a new sports car for his birthday he was ecstatic.
I'm so ecstatic! Freddy asked me to marry him!
We're absolutely ecstatic.

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4. delighted with

When her parents found out about the wedding they were delighted with the idea.
everyone should therefore be delighted with this situation

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5. fascinated

The tourists were fascinated with the exquisite scenery.
Young children are often fascinated by science.
She fascinated me.
The audience were fascinated by his speech.
Arthur is fascinated by Spanish culture.
“I continue to be fascinated by the fact that feelings are not just the shady side of reason but that they help us to reach decisions as well.”
She was fascinated by that Chinese dress.
I was fascinated with him.
Despite being fascinated with English, many Japanese don't even try to study it.
The scientist was fascinated by the new discovery.
I am fascinated not so much by ballet itself as by the way the human body moves.
/ˈfæs.ɪ.neɪ.tɪd/ We ​watched fascinated as he ​cleaned and ​repaired the ​watch. I was fascinated to ​hear about his ​travels in Japan. They were ​absolutely fascinated by the ​game.
The boy was very fascinated.
I've always been fascinated with the hippocampus
I listened, fascinated, to the discussion.

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6. thrilled

be thrilled to see/hear/learn etc something
He's thrilled with his new job.
I'm so thrilled about going to Mexico!
She thrilled at the thought that she would meet the famous singer.
I'm not thrilled he's living at your place. / He was obviously so thrilled that I was dating his son.
My cat is thrilled with joy when she gets fish for dinner.
I was thrilled when I heard I was going to become a grandpa.
I was thrilled that so many people turned up to the party.
'Come closer so I can see you better', said the king, who was thrilled to be king over someone at last.
The City Mouse was thrilled to recive his friend's invitation.
I remember how thrilled I was the first time that I swam after recovering from the operation.
I'm thrilled about the London premiere.
My ​parents weren’t too thrilled when they ​found out.
I’m not very thrilled about having to do it again. She was thrilled with your present. Dan was thrilled with his birthday cake.
I was thrilled

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7. amazed

Everyone was amazed to see her surfing so soon after her accident.
You'd be amazed how few students finished their homework.
If I were to tell you all I know, you would be amazed.
He amazed everyone by passing his driving test.
You'd be amazed how I can dance
The circus amazed and delighted the children.
She was amazed.
The magician made the dove disappear before our amazed eyes. I was amazed at the price.
1. I'm amazed you've lasted this long. / 2. I'm as amazed as you are.
I watched from the garage window, amazed at what I saw.
I was amazed to learn that fewer and fewer young people can write in cursive.
I was not so much scared as amazed.
amazed by
I was absolutely amazed! I never thought it would happen.
I was really amazed by the northern lights when I went to Norway. They were so beautiful and unusual.

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8. delighted to

I am delighted to visit London again
Kornelia will be delighted to see it!

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9. delight

Cooking is her delight.
Guests always bring delight; if it is not when coming, then it is when leaving.
The simple perception of natural forms is a delight.
It was a fabulous show which brought us an endless delight.
Delight is the opposite of sorrow.
To her delight, she got through the examination.
This Turkish delight was made in China and assembled in Mexico.
I delight in going to the apple orchard each fall.
God appointed blue to be an everlasting source of delight.
The sight sent chills of delight up my spine.
To see the sunrise from a mountaintop is a delight.
Among the many delights of Christmas Eve in Poland is the custom of setting an empty place for an unexpected friend, relative or stranger who happens to drop in.
It really delights me to see children having such fun. Aren't they lovely?
Your performance delighted me
1. She sighed in delight. 2. I saw the delight on her face when she saw her new car.

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10. awed

We were awed into silence when we heard the story.
I was awed by his anger.

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11. ravished

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12. overjoyed

I'm not overjoyed to see Remmick again. / If someone rescued my child, I'd be overjoyed. / You should be overjoyed.
He was overjoyed to find out that his son had succeeded.
She was overjoyed.
The children were overjoyed to stay with their grandparents for the summer holidays.
Ms Bailey was overjoyed at the birth of her daughter
We are all overjoyed to hear the news that Duncan and Flora are engaged to be married.
We're overjoyed at your news.
I was overjoyed when I was able to make friends with her!

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13. over the moon

I was so happy when I won the lottery, I was over the moon
He was over the moon when he saw me.
She's over the moon about her sister's wedding.
She is absolutely over the moon about her new job
She was over the moon at having passed her driving test.
Very happy. I passed my test. I'm over the moon!
I am over the moon at this moment.

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14. amused

The people standing around were amused and laughed at the brave little dog.
Ellen seemed amused by the whole situation
The person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused.
The baby giggles when he’s amused.
The man looked a little amused.
She was amused.
I'm amused by his idea of leisure.
Instead she merely looked surprised and - could it be - amused.
I was amused to hear his account (rozbawiła mnie jego relacja) of what happened.
The family was amused and made bets on the colour every evening.
My mum was amused when she saw my grades.
Since children are more scared than amused by clowns, I wonder if some comedy trope of ours will become horror fodder in 100 years.
I don't think he will be amused.
amused means that something makes you smile, or makes you laugh a little bit.

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15. trilled

16. chuffed

I'm well chuffed at the result.
Overjoyed, full of pride, pleased or happy "I heard you got the promotion. Congratulations! You must be chuffed." I just scored free tickets to the gig, I'm well chuffed!

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17. thrilled to bits

She was thrilled to bits with her present.
If you say that someone is thrilled to bits, you are emphasizing the fact that they are extremely pleased about something. You can also say thrilled to pieces, especially in AmE, e.g. He's thrilled to bits at the news.
If you say that sb is thrilled to bits, you are emphasizing the fact that they are extremely pleased about sth. You can also say thrilled to pieces, especially in AmE, e.g. He's thrilled to bits at the news. / He must be thrilled to bits...
Her parents were thrilled to bits when she told them she was getting married.

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