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1. introduce

There is no point in trying to introduce Japanese literature to him.
introduce, implement
This year again I found a number of dodgy goods so I'll introduce them all here.
Just a second, please, here is my wife, I'll introduce her to you. Jarmila, this is Mr. Reindle from the American Embassy.
May I introduce Attorney Tammi, a new student. Mrs. Virtanen, the Finnish teacher.
The Prime Minister stated that he would not introduce a new tax without the consensus of public opinion.
For this design house it was an appropriate strategy to introduce even more radical colors into computer production.
I would appreciate it if you could find time to see Mr Fukuoka, or to introduce him to one of your associates.
We introduce you to the entire line up of songs that made it into The Best Ten.
When we introduced this system no one believed it would work.
When you introduce yourself, it is common to say something about your job and where you work.
We bio secure ourselves hovering our clothes and kit and disinfecting our boots to ensure we introduce no alien species to Antarctica.
That rule was introduced in the late nineteen eighties by my predecessor.
introduce to everyone, first introduce in 1980
These trees were introduced into New England from Europe. Apple has sold many millions of iPods since the product was introduced in 2001.

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2. bring in

TV commercials bring in millions of dollars
bring in dramatic/significatn change
bring in the foe to be defeated

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3. implement

But he said the plan would take several years to implement.
The employees were informed that the new policy on data protection and retention would be implemented starting on Monday.
implement law
We will implement a reconsidered North-South cooperation mechanism.
the client ensures that the firms performing construction implement the safety and health plan and the document – by including this item in the construction contract;
You first retrieved from memory the cognitive program for multiplication that you learned in school, then you implemented it.
"In the face of the tragic events in Paris, Poland sees no political possibilities for implementing the decision on the relocation of refugees," (...)
We need to implement a new sales strategy if we want to boost sales
With the building of the Bauhaus, Gropius implemented its ambition of designing processes of life, and to unite art, technique and aesthetics in search functionality
To implement is defined as to put something into effect. An example of implement is a manager enforcing a new set of procedures.
But other places have managed to implement the ban on smoking in cars with child passengers.
An example of adopt is to accept and implement a plan presented to a committee.
It was time to implement the rest of their plan. An hour later Alice implemented her plan
In its "Eleven Five Plan" (2006 to 2010), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pledged to implement phone connections in every village and Internet connections in every town.

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4. usher

The prosecutor nodded to the usher, who opened the door (The Redbreast)
You know it won't be an ordinary dinner when you're ushered into a fermentation vat on the way to your table.
usher (n), usherette
The first run of experiments began with students being ushered – alone, without phones, books or anything to write with
Instagram is ushering in the latest development.
She ushered them into a room at the front of the house
The concert was about to start, so the staff ushered us hastily to our seats.
As the proposals relate to taxation, it should require unanimity at Council level, yet the legislation is being ushered in via the transport provision of Lisbon.
A retired ballplayer, age fifty-five and dressed in golf attire (sneakers, khakis, cap), approaches the lower tier of seats at Citi Field and is rebuffed by an usher.

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5. launch

Better to extend an olive branch than launch a missile.
launch a campaign
launch=initiate=start=turn on; launch a new product on the market
Last year they launched a very successful skin care product.
career launch
Fixed‐wing drones can be hand‐launched, but often they require a runway or even an unwieldy catapult.
The launch, which had been scheduled for this morning, was postponed because of the illness of shuttle Commander John Creighton.
The design was also given the finishing touch to have launch impact and dynamism provided by the novelty of the arch shaped logo design.
By his own writing, this man was either asleep, at a prayer meeting with Al and Tipper or learning how to launch a nuclear missile out of a suitcase.
hopefully we're about to make that learning journey a bit easier as we launch a brand new online course.
In 1989 Pepsi-Cola launched a new product called Pepsi A.M., which was aimed at the 'breakfast cola drinker'. It was an immediate flop.
We tried again and again to launch our kite into the air, but there wasn’t enough wind for it to fly.
if you launch a new product, book, website, etc, you let a lot of people know that it is starting to exist so that they can buy it or make use of it
We watched from the quayside as the ship was launched into the sea.
On Monday, the Pierson Publishing House will launch an ambitious advertising compaign for Real Life, a highly anticipated new novel from Korea.

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6. induct

They will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in a ceremony in April.

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7. enter

Before they entered the jungle, the three friends made a promise that they would ‘go in together and come out together’.
Don't enter.
But she had not expected to cross an ocean, enter a new and romantic-sounding country, and find herself in exactly the same position.
I wonder whether I can add a sentence simply by pressing the Enter key.
Endometritis is a disease where bacteria enter the uterus and cause inflammation of the inner membrane.
It is known all over the world that, in Japan, students have to take difficult entrance examinations to enter universities.
An Englishman, a Belgian and a Dutchman enter a pub and sit down at the counter. Says the barkeeper, "Wait a minute, is this a joke or what?"
When you submit a quote, it's best to enter the author's name as a tag or, if you can't, in a comment.
After a few moments the door opened and Mary entered the room. / I enter the office and make myself a coffee.
He would have been able to enter a good university easily if he had tried, but he entered a vocational school instead.
Throat and nose membranes hurt by dry air allow cold viruses to enter more easily. It is important to carry out sensible counter plans against the cold with heaters and against the dryness with humidifiers.
Enter in a contractual agreement with me and become a young magical girl!

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8. lead in

9. feed

Feed the bird!
My two-year-old won't eat some of the healthy food I've been trying to feed him.
What should you feed killifish that have just hatched from their eggs?
Unlike birds, which feed and shelter their young, fish abandon their eggs.
You could feed a village in Africa for the price of an iPhone subscription.
Before retiring he usually dumps the chicken feed from all his pockets onto the table.
Being active at night may relate to the behavior of seals, which feed at night on various fish that come up closer to the surface.
I think the pope should sell off some of the vast holdings of his church to feed the starving poor.
For his length of loyal service to his organization, he was only repaid in chicken feed.
A cat will forget three years of kindness in three days, feed a dog for three days and he will remember it for three years.
They feed her a special polar bear formula.
This road feeds into the freeway.; streams that feed a river
Gloria, don't let him feed you that line about his wife not understanding him.
If you want a man to propose marriage, feed him well.

10. reinforce

I want to reinforce the garden wall so that it doesn't fall down.
reinforce stereotypes
The climate of political confusion has only reinforced the country's economic decline.
‘the helmet has been reinforced with a double layer of cork
Legalizing marijuana could reinforce this trend
reinforce a person's positive image
Good visual aids can powerfully reinforce your message.
I've reinforced the elbows of this jacket with leather patches; Extra troops will be sent to reinforce the army.
Paratroopers were sent to reinforce the troops already in the area
The battle was going badly, and the army had to call for reinforcements
The concrete in this block of flats has been reinforced with steel.
This belief is often reinforced by the media. a security door reinforced by steel bars
I think they just used someone else to reinforce the situation.
It reinforced his sense that he was someone special.
Building codes in California required that steel rods be used to reinforce cinder-block construction.; The pockets on my jeans are reinforced with double stitching.

11. key in

12. enforce

The laws were very difficult to enforce.
The Sioux tribe asked the government to enforce the treaty.
The justice system should enforce laws.
The law is enforced by the American secret service.
When the police compel you to obey speed limits or else get a ticket, this is an example of a situation where the police enforce the law.
The only problem lies in the complete failure to enforce these provisions
to enforce their right to mobility.
It is up to the police to enforce the law.
The law was enforced immediately
the client enforces his requirements to the manufacturer
Governments make laws and the police enforce them.
it's the duty of the police to enforce the law, the new teacher failed to enforce discipline
The government must enforce the law immediately.
We have got to set our own rules and enforce them.

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13. to usher in

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