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strumień inglés:

1. stream stream

The stream becomes shallower as you move upriver.
A small stream runs by my house.
A stream of people came out of the theater.
Drink water from a stream.
Our policies and systems are getting outdated and need revising, but to try to swap horses while crossing a stream might be dangerous.
The three animals tried to help the old man, the monkey using its ability to climb to collect fruit and nuts, and the fox catching fish in the stream to bring to him.
There's been a constant stream of complaint calls since last week.
It must be dangerous to swim in this rapid stream.
When I regained my senses, it seemed that fur had grown on my fingers and knees. When it became slightly brighter, I looked at my reflection in a mountain stream, and I realized that I had become a tiger.
If this organization is left as it is, it will soon go bankrupt; its recovery is as difficult as swapping horses while crossing a stream.
Time is but the stream I go a fishing in.
I love to fish in the trout stream behind my house.
A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.

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2. brook brook

She watched the children playing in the brook.
I could hear the sound of a babbling brook.
She strode over the brook.
In my village, there is a small, narrow footbridge over a brook.
His pride would not brook such insults.
We can hear a brook murmuring.
The fallen tree arrested the current of a brook.

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3. flux flux

The financial system is still in a state of flux.
Our company have lost a financial flux.
in constant flux, in a state of flux
Our plans are in a state of flux at the moment.
The price of Bitcoin is in wild flux.
The Lothal contingent is always in flux.
The flux of men and women moving back and forth
Economic conditions are in a state of flux.

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4. torrent torrent

the rain was falling in torrent
The severe rain led to the torrents that destroyed the bridge.

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5. stream's stream's

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6. jet jet

The jet landed at Tokyo.
This jet travels about three times as fast as the speed of sound.
I hope that the jet lag isn't going to disturb my sleep schedule too much.
Please replace the empty ink jet cartridge in the printer.
The pilot put on his shades and got into the jet.
Jane jumped up when she felt a jet of cold water on her belly while she was sunbathing.
A jet airliner does not admit of careless handling.
I don't know how she puts up with the noise of a jet plane.
His jumbo jet ought to have arrived in Osaka now.
A recent analysis by Boeing forecasts that unless safety is improved, jet airliners could be falling out of the sky at the rate of once a week by the year 2010.
jet black
With the development of supersonic jet planes, the world is becoming smaller and smaller.
The new jet circles the globe in twenty-four hours.
She has a private jet.
The jet made a whining sound as it soared overhead.

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7. creek creek

This creek of Oder is about 50 km long
If you get thirsty in the woods or mountains, find a creek. A creek is a narrow area of water.
The coast is dotted with tiny creeks.
She pulled herself out of the water and waddled along the sand at the edge of the creek.
There's nothing like a hurricane to demonstrate that our creeks, rivers and ocean suffer significantly from our waste.
His wife caught him out with that blonde and then he was really up shit creek without a paddle.
There used to be a lot of small creeks in old time Shanghai, which included Zhaojia Creek and Yangjing Creek, but they're all covered up nowadays.

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