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1. cruise cruise

But her mother's friends would know she was on a cruise
One thing I've always wanted to do is go on a sea cruise.
The prize money enabled me to go on a world cruise.
a round-the-world cruise
The car cruises well at this speed.
They cruised to Jamaica last month.
I like the cruise from Świnoujście to Copenhagen.
It's late guys. I have to cruise.
They were the first cruise missiles, sometimes called flying torpedoes, and not meant to return to base.
The actions of Coen, directly commanding the cruise at the time of the accident, are of utmost significance.
Have you heard? Our neighbor won the lottery, and she's gone to the Bahamas on a luxury cruise.
In Hawaii, you can cruise all year round.
All I need is a good job which will let me cruise.
We hired a big yacht and had a nice cruise along the coastline
Old and young, we are all on our last cruise.

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2. voyage voyage

The voyage lasted 14 months.
It was in 1912 that the Titanic sank during her first voyage.
A voyage to the moon in a spaceship is no longer a dream.
This ship is not fit for an ocean voyage.
Someday we will be able to go on a voyage to Mars.
Bon voyage!
I want to take a voyage to Japan by boat some day.
I wish you a pleasant voyage.
Life’s a voyage that’s homeward bound.
I need a good steed for my voyage.
At the outset of the long voyage I was seasick, but I gradually began to get my sea legs.
Let our fast, modern ships take you on a voyage of discovery.
The voyage to the island of Santorini took eight hours.
Packed into wooden fishing boats like sardines, the immigrants undergo the dangerous voyage there.

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3. boat trip boat trip

I went on a boat trip last month.
We went on a boat trip on Loch Ness.

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4. crossing

Yesterday a pedestrian was run over by a truck at this pedestrian crossing.
Ferry crossing
An impatient driver forced his way through the crossing against the red light.
Our policies and systems are getting outdated and need revising, but to try to swap horses while crossing a stream might be dangerous.
He overcame all sorts of hardship and setbacks to succeed in a solo crossing of Antarctica.
If it hadn't been for Lindbergh's luck and his knowledge of flying, he could never have succeeded in crossing the Atlantic.
If this organization is left as it is, it will soon go bankrupt; its recovery is as difficult as swapping horses while crossing a stream.
Crossing guards are posted during school hours to guide children safely across busy streets.
She became the first woman to complete a two-way nonstop crossing of the channel in fifteen years.
In that year, an estimated 3,500 migrants lost their lives whilst making the crossing.
How long is the ferry crossing from Tarifa to Tangiers?
The quickest ferry crossing with continental Europe is from Calais to Dover.
The crossing of the river was made easier by the fact that river was quite shallow in parts.
The train slowed and blared its horn as it approached the railway crossing.
The joke about the chicken crossing the road to get to the other side is an example of "anti-humor": meant to be funny because, on the surface, it is not.

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5. sea voyage

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