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1. genuine

genuine leather
a smile genuine يك لبخند واقعي
It is clear that they now need to move to implementing genuine CSR programmes
The guards looked the same way, except that some of them looked quietly but genuinely terrified.
Fake designer watches are sold at a fraction of the price of the genuine article.
The school's philosophy is clearly producing a genuine affection and understanding.
My predecessors had asked their questions of nature with genuine curiosity and awaited her reply.
If there are genuine differences between these two cultures, I think that the largest are certainly in what you think about foreigners studying your native language.
Imogen of the Internet expresses genuine surprise that other people's favorite radio stations are not M3U streams from servers halfway across the world.
Vanessa was obviously genuinely sorry for hurting your feelings
In modern cultures we see the result of failure of initiation into genuine manhood
From the minute we arrived, we were greeted with genuine Moroccan hospitality.
I am a genuine sports car enthusiast, I go for a ride every other day.
We are doing everything we can to help people to work towards genuine democracy.

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2. true

That's true.
True friendship is priceless.
A few words may betray a man's true character.
Nobody likes to have his true motive doubted.
What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?
I know it's not true, but it definitely seems like the sun revolves around the Earth.
The point of true mutual understanding has not yet been reached between Japan and China.
I tried to get him to show what his true nature was, but I couldn't.
If a man wants to learn to sound like a native speaker of Japanese, he shouldn't only learn Japanese from women. The reverse is true for a woman.
Even if it isn't true, it's still rather clever.
The true secret of writing a good letter is to write as if you were talking.
When you're trying to prove something, it helps to know it's true.
I've heard it said that it's harder to please a woman than to please a man. I wonder if that's true.
Mother-in-law jokes are funny because they're true.
Everything accomplished starts with the dream of it, is a saying we all know to be true.

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3. veritable

The water descended like a veritable Niagara.
Paganini dazzled his audience with (among other things) a veritable hailstorm of left-handed pizzicatos.

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4. real

Get real!
People that have experienced so-called 'lucid dreams' often describe them as being 'more real than reality'. They also describe reality after waking up from a 'lucid dream' to be like a 'whimsical dream'.
In Japan there are a lot of translations from English to Japanese and from Japanese to English, but there isn't much real demand for Japanese to Spanish or Spanish to Japanese.
An experiment, I would learn much later, when studying the philosophy of science, had to arise from a real dissatisfaction with existing knowledge.
We are now forming a republican government. Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
The real, biological nervous system is highly complex and includes some features that may seem superfluous based on an understanding of artificial networks.
Pages are usually at least 4 KiB (4×1024 bytes) in size, and systems with large virtual address ranges or large amounts of real memory generally use larger page sizes.
ASCII quotes are a substitute character for the “real” quotes that vary from language to language, and the advent of Unicode have rendered ASCII quotes obsolete.
Artificial neural networks can be used to understand biological neural networks, or to solve problems of artificial intelligence, without necessarily creating models of real biological systems.
On Monday, the Pierson Publishing House will launch an ambitious advertising compaign for Real Life, a highly anticipated new novel from Korea.
Although Al-Sayib would never admit it, the real reason he hates noobs that much is that he got pwned by one while Dima watched and laughed his ass off.
The reason the Northern and Southern Dynasties had failed in their rule was that they allowed literary splendor to surpass real substance.
I'd rather go by train. I have a license, but no real driving experience, so I'm not very sure of myself behind the wheel.
Forming an information infrastructure, the real impact of the information highway is an expectation of new economic development due to a shift from a tangible hardware-industry to brain-oriented software-industry.

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5. unmitigated

Few things can match the unmitigated fury of child preachers.
unmitigated disaster

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6. truly

Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but I am truly mesmerized by your beauty.
truly amazing
The truly remarkable feature of sound production by birds is that the two sides of the syrinx can act independently.
As shown above, it is possible to obtain ample profit and customers with truly simple know-how that anyone can do!
English studies on the use of cell phones by young people show truly worrying situations, in which a person between the ages of six and twenty sends an average of twenty nine messages, receives fifteen, and makes nine calls each day.
Amazing! This moving a story is a first for me! It's truly an epic among epics!
There is no sin, and there can be no sin on all the earth, which the Lord will not forgive to the truly repentant! Man cannot commit a sin so great as to exhaust the infinite love of God. Can there be a sin which could exceed the love of God?
China can become truly great only by showing respect towards its minorities.
That's because before drones can truly take flight, they'll have to surmount legal and regulatory hurdles.
A molester is truly the enemy of women. I'll never let them get away with it.
When Jesus saw Nathanael approaching, he said of him, "Here truly is an Israelite in whom there is no deceit."
Isn't that just what you'd expect from the prince? He certainly has the character of a truly great man.
But above all, I will never forget who this victory truly belongs to. It belongs to you. It belongs to you.
If someone is already good in and of themselves, however, and treats you sincerely and from the heart, and truly loves you, then you really can entrust your life to them.

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