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poeta inglés:

1. poet poet

My favourite Welsh poet is Dylan Thomas.
Who's your favorite poet?
A poet looks at the world as a man looks at a woman.
I know a poet whose poems are widely read.
In addition to being a poet, he is a scholar.
The great critic and the poet are traveling together.
The great contemporary poet who established a new style of poem was “Nima Youshij.”
Have you ever heard of a poet by the name of Tom?
No matter how drunk you were, Goethe was a poet!
A poet can survive everything but a misprint.
A famous Japanese poet does not approve of any fixed doctrine in haiku.
Ellie loves that poet. She knows many of his poems by heart.
This poem was written by a nameless poet.
As the poet says, a little learning is a dangerous thing.
The English poet Percy Shelley went so far as to call hell a city much like London.

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2. poet's poet's

This book is one of the poet's best works.
The scientist has a love of facts, even isolated facts, similar to the poet's love of words.

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