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1. bitter bitter

bitter cholocate
Bitter medicine will not necessarily do you good.
I suffered through all sours but didn't find bitter than needing people.
Oh, mother, said the housewife, breaking into bitter tears.
His bitter words still rankle in my mind.
The position held by the enemy is so important they will fight to the bitter end to hold it.
Years of resistance to misfortune ended when the settlers' village was overcome by the savages and their hopes and lives came to the bitter end.
So, well, it's a bitter decision for the student council to make as well. Give 'em a break.
This was a painful experience and Mohandas felt angry and bitter with himself, as well as with British officer
Bolivian authorities accused the president of a mining federation and two of his top officials of the killing of deputy interior minister Rodolfo Illanes amid a bitter strike
As the fruit ripens, the flesh (rind) becomes tougher, more bitter, and too
We sometimes bitterly regret that we said something/ we bought something that broke quickly.
Anyone who really wishes to apply themselves to the freedom of mankind must have the courage to face the truth, regardless how bitter it may be.

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2. dark

The sky was dark.
Those dark clouds will probably bring rain.
As soon as it gets dark, the fireworks will start.
What do you need sunglasses for in such a dark place?
All of a sudden, large drops of rain began falling from the dark sky.
The staircase leading to the rooftop is narrow, steep, and dark.
She put on dark glasses to protect her eyes from the sun.
Aliens are often depicted with dark, almond-shaped eyes.
She enclosed a little dark chocolate in her valentine.
All at once the sky became dark and it started to rain.
New York City policemen wear dark blue uniforms.
The dark horse candidate was losing in the polls before the primary.
I couldn't tell what color his shirt was because it was too dark outside.
It's kind of difficult to see in the dark, isn't it?
Kirby's quintessentially Japanese cuteness is almost incomprehensible to his American audience, who satirize him as a dark and gloomy character constantly, almost as a reflex.

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