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1. dense dense

The dense fog made the building invisible.
And Copenhagen, although it's a dense city, is not dense compared with the really dense cities.
so dense he never understands anything I say to him
Plutonium is very dense.
Our plane couldn't land on account of the dense fog.
dense air
Mr Smith lost his way in the dense fog.
I've explained it three times already, why are you being so dense?
I pretended to be dense, looking down at the table.
dense= tightly packed
The air inside the cave is so dense it is hard to breathe
Fog can be very dense, especially druging late night
The two men went off very early this morning in order to avoid the dense traffic.
This city is an example of dense population. An example of dense is a city where a lot of people live in a very small area.
Dense bushes concealed him.

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2. thick thick

the barely suppressed anger in his eyes under the thick blakc hood of his cloak.
thick hair
Thick description is a term coined by Clifford Geertz.
How cool would it be if Obama grew a nice, thick afro!
The cat’s ginger fur was thick and fluffy,
The wall separating criminals from non-criminals is not as thick as we think.
The air in that room was thick with the enthusiasm of the participants.
Don't be slopping about with him. You'd better give him a thick ear.
The mythical Kraken, thick as a ship and three times as wide, once made an attack on Christopher Columbus's fleet... giving Columbus no choice but to eat him.
the ozone layer is showing signs of thickening
Nobody's gonna believe this thick story of yours.
The thick sweet liquid you find inside the trunk is called sap or resin.
Close to being thirteen like the rest of us, the thick glasses and his deafness made him seem like a
Something that is thick is larger than usual between its opposite sides.
A black race, they had thick lips, flattened noses and frizzy hair resembling, in these ways, the blacks now living on Earth.

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