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1. sorrowed sorrowed

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2. cheerless cheerless

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3. drear drear

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4. slighting slighting

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5. rueful rueful

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6. sad sad

I'm sad.
When poverty comes in the door, love flies out the window is a saying as old as it is sad.
I like to feel sad. I know that most people try to avoid any kind of sad feeling. But I think that is wrong.
Use a brief expression of condolence, such as: "On this sad occasion we grieve with you".
Oh name forever sad! forever dear! Still breathed in sighs, still ushered with a tear.
But you know, it would be sad to collect all these sentences, and keep them for ourselves. Because there's so much you can do with them. Which is why Tatoeba is open. Our source code is open. Our data is open.
When I was a teenager, my parents would never allow me to go out with boys so I was always sad.
I can't keep this up. It's an emotional roller coaster around here and all we have to do is look at the boss's face to know whether everybody is going to be happy or sad.
Kai dear! I'm really sad! Having my first experience in this way. "Eh?" "Skip-ping-town."
Is there really any guy who has such a sad face when they mess up?
For some reason it didn't go well, shot down at every attempt, and he led a sad "History of no girlfriend = Age" life.
Many letters of encouragement refreshed my sad heart.
W sadzie były dwa rzędy jabłoni i trzy śliw.)
In the end, one always ends up wishing to annihilate one's fellow man. Therein lies the sad fate of humanity.
Anyway, as long as it's a man, anybody should do. It's sad that you don't have a boyfriend yet.

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7. mournful mournful

Sugimoto's is both entertaining and a mournful experience.
Could you play something that isn't mournful?

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8. tipsiness tipsiness

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9. woeful woeful

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10. joyless joyless

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