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1. foregoing

Critics may argue that all the foregoing characterizations are very abstract.

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2. preceding

The third quarter GNP growth was 1% over the preceding quarter.
Take time to read the chapters preceding this one.
A first dish preceding it's starter
in the preceding example
The essential points of my argument have been expressed in the preceding pages.
The index rose 4% from the preceding month.
The sentence with the preceding number is false.

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3. previous

The previous tenant took excellent care of her apartment.
previous job
Around 30% increase in power seen in in-house comparisons with previous model.
Regarding Professor Scott's final criticism I have nothing more to add to what I said in my previous reply.
Yes. She got an introduction from her previous doctor and transferred to this hospital.
It is that Emmet's theory is compatible with previous theories in physics that is of most significance.
Arriving at the end of each year (that is, the last day of the lunar calendar) wasn't just a new day taking over from the previous one, but also a new year taking over from the previous one, and this was called 'first exchange'.
Would you like to buy a suit? the shopkeeper asked Dima, who brought the smells of the previous night with him as he walked through the door.
If you can't come on the day of your appointment, be sure to let us know by the previous day.
She made it in a total of 19 hours and 55 minutes, which is shorter than the previous record by 10 hours.
In short, it is because the 'plan.doc' file I attached in the previous email was infected with a virus.
Hardly had he woke up when he remembered the embarrassing incident of the previous night.
He said that his previous dentist told him that he'd remove nicotine stains if he stopped smoking.
That's the mind-set of a previous time. The current generation doesn't think that way.
Profit on computers for the previous year was nearly ten percent higher than the current year.

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