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1. stoutly stoutly

Members are usually small and more or less stoutly built.
They stood stoutly by the Party in the early days.

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2. strong strong

He's strong.
Eat your vegetables so that you will grow up to be big and strong.
The nation's trade balance improved last year as exports were strong, while imports remained steady.
The influence of the strong yen on the Japanese economy has become very serious.
The two men understood one another perfectly, and had a mutual respect for each other's strong qualities.
My grandfather does moderate exercise every morning, which is why he is strong and healthy.
Shimamura, while he was in the inn's entrance, looked at the nearby mountain bathed in the strong smell of fresh leaves and went to climb the mountain as if drawn by this smell.
I wonder if they don't have meetings anymore where strong words fly and everyone goes at each other tooth and nail.
When a strong earthquake struck suddenly, my mom just walked around the house in shock.
Their shoulders are strong no matter what stance they are in so they can throw back to the pitcher well.
Keeping your heart fit and strong can slow down the ageing of your brain, say researchers.
What harm would it do, if a man told a good strong lie for the sake of the good and for the Christian church … a lie out of necessity, a useful lie, a helpful lie, such lies would not be against God, he would accept them.
Business recovery, which looks just around the corner, will be rapid and strong.
Whether you pick the Lions or Tigers to win, the result will be a toss-up because both teams are equally strong.
A high savings rate is cited as one factor for Japan's strong economic growth because it means the availability of abundant investment capital.

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3. lusty lusty

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4. burly

Jim was a burly mountaineer.
The burly taskmaster rushed up the incline.

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5. fort's

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