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1. complaisant complaisant

It is necessary that we should be more than complaisant to the count.

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2. courtly courtly

... when the tradition of courtly love flourished.”

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3. courteous courteous

Although she often disagreed with me, she was always courteous.
The waitress was courteous, so we gave her a generous tip.
I like him not because he's courteous, but because he's honest.
learning to be courteous and tolerant even when you are upset
He was courteous and correct.
I was, however, courteous enough to hear you out
You must be courteous to any guest.
"Ms. Pryce," Yularen said with a courteous bow.
My teacher isn't too courteous, she doesn't show any respect to her students.
Be a courteous boy and get the fuck out of here!
He was courteous and friendly, but reserved and not someone who drew attention to himself.
The children were very courteous with their grandparents.
This job requires that you are courteous all the time, whatever the circumstance
Don’t step foot in my kitchen until you are ready to be courteous to me.
So characteristic of what a pious Christian would say, this courteous phrase.

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