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1. stiffly

He moved stiffly away, and no one called after him.
'I suppose so', said Mrs Dursley stiffly.

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2. stiff

Throughout the five years of painful cancer treatments, he managed to keep a stiff upper lip.
He was out of shape when he took a long hike with his sons, and he was stiff and sore the next day.
stiff penalty
Akagi sprained an ankle during practice so before the game he taped it up until it was stiff as a board.
If it continues to be stimulated the skin's protective function causes thickening and it becomes stiff and hard with pores that stand out.
Might be a bit stiff... "Stiff?" "I mean the viscosity is too high."
The businessman is trying to keep his people on the go by keeping a stiff upper lip, but they are just acting like a dying duck in a thunderstorm.
They didn't know what was happening and it was so dark that we were scared to stiff, the more so because we hit something.
Definition something that is stiff doesn’t move as easily as it ought to
Definition if you feel stiff, your muscles and joints move only with difficulty because you are ill, or because you have been very active, or because you have been in the same position for a long time
Tepper sat with narrow eyes and stiff posture, his arm resting on his table.
Another stiff. Just look at him. He is so illuminated he can't walk straight.
Some people say that they should expel stiffs from public parks.
My boss is a noid. He thinks that everybody tries to stiff him.
The ballerinas around the walls are stretching their legs and feet so their muscles will not become stiff.

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