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Estoy en VocApp desde hace 1188 días. He usado VocApp 36 días. Llevo 0 días seguidos aprendiendo. Soy el autor de 43 lecciones . La última vez que estuve en VocApp, fue el 2020-09-26 08:40:00.

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angielski, inglés

Tarjetas creadas por mí

school life
after-school activities
the education system
higher education
places at school
popular jobs and typical activities
adjectives to describe work
place of residence
personal data
qualities of character
feelings and emotions
working and employment conditions
casual jobs
ethical problems
other words
description of a house
rooms and furniture
buying and renting a property
jobs in the house
other words
job market
other words
describing a place
Lite in remote places
Designing a place to live
City amenities
Informal English
Country living
Other words
Travel and transport
word formation
Planning your education
The 21st-century skills
Word families
other words
Qualities of places
adjectives and nouns to describe people

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